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Purification of Diseased Skin Infections

14:1 The Lord spoke to Moses: 14:2 “This is the law of the diseased person on the day of his purification, when1 he is brought to the priest.2 14:3 The priest is to go outside the camp and examine the infection.3 If the infection of the diseased person has been healed,4 14:4 then the priest will command that two live clean birds, a piece of cedar wood, a scrap of crimson fabric,5 and some twigs of hyssop6 be taken up7 for the one being cleansed.8 14:5 The priest will then command that one bird be slaughtered9 into a clay vessel over fresh water.10 14:6 Then11 he is to take the live bird along with the piece of cedar wood, the scrap of crimson fabric, and the twigs of hyssop, and he is to dip them and the live bird in the blood of the bird slaughtered over the fresh water, 14:7 and sprinkle it seven times on the one being cleansed12 from the disease, pronounce him clean,13 and send the live bird away over the open countryside.14


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