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Infections in Garments, Cloth, or Leather

13:47 “When a garment has a diseased infection in it,120 whether a wool or linen garment,121 13:48 or in the warp or woof122 of the linen or the wool, or in leather or anything made of leather,123 13:49 if the infection124 in the garment or leather or warp or woof or any article of leather is yellowish green or reddish, it is a diseased infection and it must be shown to the priest. 13:50 The priest is to examine and then quarantine the article with the infection for seven days.125 13:51 He must then examine the infection on the seventh day. If the infection has spread in the garment, or in the warp, or in the woof, or in the leather—whatever the article into which the leather was made126—the infection is a malignant disease. It is unclean. 13:52 He must burn the garment or the warp or the woof, whether wool or linen, or any article of leather which has the infection in it. Because it is a malignant disease it must be burned up in the fire. 13:53 But if the priest examines it and127 the infection has not spread in the garment or in the warp or in the woof or in any article of leather, 13:54 the priest is to command that they wash whatever has the infection and quarantine it for another seven days.128 13:55 The priest must then examine it after the infection has been washed out, and if129 the infection has not changed its appearance130 even though the infection has not spread, it is unclean. You must burn it up in the fire. It is a fungus, whether on the back side or front side of the article.131 13:56 But if the priest has examined it and132 the infection has faded after it has been washed, he is to tear it out of133 the garment or the leather or the warp or the woof. 13:57 Then if134 it still appears again in the garment or the warp or the woof, or in any article of leather, it is an outbreak. Whatever has the infection in it you must burn up in the fire. 13:58 But the garment or the warp or the woof or any article of leather which you wash and infection disappears from it135 is to be washed a second time and it will be clean.”


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