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Confrontation and Repentance at Bokim

2:1 The Lord’s angelic messenger1 went up from Gilgal to Bokim. He said, “I brought you up from Egypt and led you into the land I had solemnly promised to give to your ancestors.2 I said, ‘I will never break my agreement3 with you, 2:2 but you must not make an agreement with the people who live in this land. You should tear down the altars where they worship.’4 But you have disobeyed me.5 Why would you do such a thing?6 2:3 At that time I also warned you,7 ‘If you disobey,8 I will not drive out the Canaanites9 before you. They will ensnare you10 and their gods will lure you away.’ ”11

2:4 When the Lord’s messenger finished speaking these words to all the Israelites, the people wept loudly.12 2:5 They named that place Bokim13 and offered sacrifices to the Lord there.


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