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The Altar

27:1 “You are to make the1 altar of acacia wood, seven feet six inches long,2 and seven feet six inches wide; the altar is to be square,3 and its height is to be4 four feet six inches. 27:2 You are to make its four horns5 on its four corners; its horns will be part of it,6 and you are to overlay it with bronze. 27:3 You are to make its pots for the ashes,7 its shovels, its tossing bowls,8 its meat hooks, and its fire pans—you are to make all9 its utensils of bronze. 27:4 You are to make a grating10 for it, a network of bronze, and you are to make on the network four bronze rings on its four corners. 27:5 You are to put it under the ledge of the altar below, so that the network will come11 halfway up the altar.12 27:6 You are to make poles for the altar, poles of acacia wood, and you are to overlay them with bronze. 27:7 The poles are to be put13 into the rings so that the poles will be on two sides of the altar when carrying it.14 27:8 You are to make the altar hollow, out of boards. Just as it was shown you15 on the mountain, so they must make it.16


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