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The Vindication of the Lord

32:39 “See now that I, indeed I, am he!” says the Lord,61

“and there is no other god besides me.

I kill and give life,

I smash and I heal,

and none can resist62 my power.

32:40 For I raise up my hand to heaven,

and say, ‘As surely as I live forever,

32:41 I will sharpen my lightning-like sword,

and my hand will grasp hold of the weapon of judgment;63

I will execute vengeance on my foes,

and repay those who hate me!64

32:42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood,

and my sword will devour flesh—

the blood of the slaughtered and captured,

the chief65 of the enemy’s leaders!’ ”

32:43 Cry out, O nations, with his people,

for he will avenge his servants’ blood;

he will take vengeance against his enemies,

and make atonement for his land and people.


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