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The Present Covenant Setting

29:9 “Therefore, keep the terms9 of this covenant and obey them so that you may be successful in everything you do. 29:10 You are standing today, all of you, before the Lord your God—the heads of your tribes,10 your elders, your officials, every Israelite man, 29:11 your infants, your wives, and the11 foreigners living in your encampment, those who chop wood and those who carry water—29:12 so that you may enter by oath into the covenant the Lord your God is making with you today.12 29:13 Today he will affirm that you are his people and that he is your God,13 just as he promised you and as he swore by oath to your ancestors14 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 29:14 It is not with you alone that I am making this covenant by oath, 29:1but with whoever stands with us here today before the Lord our God as well as those not with us here today.15


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