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The Lord Delivers Israel

20:13 Now a prophet visited King Ahab of Israel and said, “This is what the Lord says, ‘Do you see this huge army?14 Look, I am going to hand it over to you this very day. Then you will know that I am the Lord.’ ” 20:14 Ahab asked, “By whom will this be accomplished?”15 He answered, “This is what the Lord says, ‘By the servants of the district governors.’ ” Ahab16 asked, “Who will launch the attack?” He answered, “You will.”

20:15 So Ahab17 assembled the 232 servants of the district governors. After that he assembled all the Israelite army, numbering 7,000.18 20:16 They marched out at noon, while Ben Hadad and the thirty-two kings allied with him were drinking heavily19 in their quarters.20 20:17 The servants of the district governors led the march. When Ben Hadad sent messengers, they reported back to him, “Men are marching out of Samaria.”21 20:18 He ordered, “Whether they come in peace or to do battle, take them alive.”22 20:19 They marched out of the city with the servants of the district governors in the lead and the army behind them. 20:20 Each one struck down an enemy soldier;23 the Syrians fled and Israel chased them. King Ben Hadad of Syria escaped on horseback with some horsemen. 20:21 Then the king of Israel marched out and struck down the horses and chariots; he thoroughly defeated24 Syria.


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