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Psalm 89

A maskil by Ethan the Ezrahite. 

I will sing forever about the evidence of your mercy, O Lord

I will tell about your faithfulness to every generation. 

I said, “Your mercy will last forever. 

Your faithfulness stands firm in the heavens.” 

⸤You said,⸥ “I have made a promisea to my chosen one. 

I swore this oath to my servant David: 

‘I will make your dynasty continue forever. 

I built your throne to last throughout every generation.’ ” 


O Lord, the heavens praise your miracles 

and your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. 

Who in the skies can compare with the Lord

Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord

God is terrifying in the council of the holy ones. 

He is greater and more awe-inspiring than those who surround him. 

O Lord God of Armies, who is like you? 

Mighty Lord, even your faithfulness surrounds you. 

You rule the raging sea. 

When its waves rise, you quiet them. 

10  You crushed Rahab;b it was like a corpse. 

With your strong arm you scattered your enemies. 

11  The heavens are yours. 

The earth is also yours. 

You made the world and everything in it. 

12  You created north and south. 

Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon sing your name joyfully. 

13  Your arm is mighty. 

Your hand is strong. 

Your right hand is lifted high. 

14  Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne. 

Mercy and truth stand in front of you. 

15  Blessed are the people who know how to praise you. 

They walk in the light of your presence, O Lord

16  They find joy in your name all day long. 

They are joyful in your righteousness 

17  because you are the glory of their strength. 

By your favor you give us victory. 

18  Our shield belongs to the Lord

Our king belongs to the Holy One of Israel. 

19  Once in a vision you said to your faithful ones: 

“I set a boy above warriors. 

I have raised up one chosen from the people. 

20  I found my servant David. 

I anointed him with my holy oil. 

21  My hand is ready to help him. 

My arm will also give him strength. 

22  No enemy will take him by surprise. 

No wicked person will mistreat him. 

23  I will crush his enemies in front of him 

and defeat those who hate him. 

24  My faithfulness and mercy will be with him, 

and in my name he will be victorious. 

25  I will put his ⸤left⸥ hand on the sea 

and his right hand on the rivers. 

26  He will call out to me, 

‘You are my Father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.’ 

27  Yes, I will make him the firstborn. 

He will be the Most High to the kings of the earth. 

28  My mercy will stay with him forever. 

My promise to him is unbreakable. 

29  I will make his dynasty endure forever 

and his throne like the days of heaven. 

30  “If his descendants abandon my teachings 

and do not live by my rules, 

31  if they violate my laws 

and do not obey my commandments, 

32  then with a rod I will punish their rebellion 

and their crimes with beatings. 

33  But I will not take my mercy away from him 

or allow my truth to become a lie. 

34  I will not dishonor my promise 

or alter my own agreement. 

35  On my holiness I have taken an oath once and for all: 

I will not lie to David. 

36  His dynasty will last forever. 

His throne will be in my presence like the sun. 

37  Like the moon his throne will stand firm forever. 

It will be like a faithful witness in heaven.” 

38  But you have despised, rejected, 

and become angry with your anointed one. 

39  You have refused to recognize the promise to your servant 

and have thrown his crown into the dirt. 

40  You have broken through all his walls 

and have laid his fortified cities in ruins. 

41  (Everyone who passed by robbed him. 

He has become the object of his neighbors’ scorn.) 

42  You held the right hand of his enemies high 

and made all of his adversaries rejoice. 

43  You even took his sword out of his hand 

and failed to support him in battle. 

44  You put an end to his splendor 

and hurled his throne to the ground. 

45  You cut short the days of his youth 

and covered him with shame. 


46  How long, O Lord? Will you hide yourself forever? 

How long will your anger continue to burn like fire? 

47  Remember how short my life is! 

Have you created Adam’s descendants for no reason? 

48  Can a mortal go on living and never see death? 

Who can set himself free from the power of the grave? 


49  Where is the evidence of your mercy, Lord? 

You swore an oath to David 

on ⸤the basis of⸥ your faithfulness. 

50  Remember, O Lord,f how your servantg has been insulted. 

Remember how I have carried in my heart ⸤the insults⸥ from so many people. 

51  Your enemies insulted ⸤me⸥. 

They insulted your Messiahh every step he took. 

52  Thank the Lord forever. 

Amen and amen!


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