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Then King David said to the whole assembly, “My son Solomon, the one whom God has chosen, is young and inexperienced. Yet, the work is important because this palace is not for a person but for the Lord God. With all my might I gathered ⸤the materials⸥ for the temple of my God: gold for gold objects, silver for silver objects, bronze for bronze objects, iron for iron objects, wood for wooden objects, onyx stones and settings, black stones, stones of different colors, gems, and marble. Moreover, I delight in the temple of my God. I have a personal treasury of gold and silver that I’m giving to my God’s temple in addition to everything else I gathered for the holy temple. There are 225,000 pounds of gold from Ophir and 525,000 pounds of refined silver. They are to be used to cover the walls of the buildings, to make gold objects, silver objects, and everything else the craftsmen will make. Who else is willing to make an offering and dedicate himself to the Lord today?” 

Then the leaders of the families, the leaders of the tribes of Israel, the commanders of regiments and battalions, and the officials in charge of the king’s work gave generously. They gave 375,186 pounds of gold, 750,000 pounds of silver, 135,000 pounds of bronze, and 7,500,000 pounds of iron for the work on God’s temple. Whoever happened to have precious stones gave them to Jehiel, Gershon’s descendant, for the treasury of the Lord’s temple. The people were overjoyed that the leaders gave so generously and wholeheartedly to the Lord

King David was also overjoyed, and 10 he praised the Lord while the whole assembly watched. David said, 

“May you be praised, Lord God of Israel, 

our father forever and ever.a

11  Greatness, power, splendor, glory, and majesty are yours, Lord, 

because everything in heaven and on earth is yours. 

The kingdom is yours, Lord

and you are honored as head of all things. 

12  Riches and honor are in front of you. 

You rule everything. 

You hold power and strength in your hands, 

and you can make anyone great and strong. 

13  “Our God, we thank you 

and praise your wonderful name. 

14  But who am I and who are my people 

that you enable us to give so generously? 

Everything comes from you. 

We give you only what has come from your hands. 

15  To you we are all like our ancestors— 

foreigners without permanent homes. 

Our days are as fleeting as shadows on the ground. 

There’s no hope ⸤for them⸥. 

16 Lord, our God, all this wealth that we gathered to build a temple for your holy name is from you. All of it is yours. 17 I know, my God, that you examine hearts and delight in honesty. With an honest heart I have willingly offered all these things. I’ve been overjoyed to see your people here offering so willingly to you. 18 Lord God of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, always watch over your people’s deepest thoughts. Keep their hearts directed toward you. 19 Make my son Solomon completely committed ⸤to you⸥ so that he will obey your commands, requests, and laws and do everything to build the palace I have planned.” 

Solomon Is Made King

20 Then David said to the whole assembly, “Praise the Lord your God!” So the whole assembly praised the Lord God of their ancestors and knelt in front of the Lord and the king. 

21 The next day they sacrificed to the Lord. They sacrificed burnt offerings to the Lord: 1,000 bulls, 1,000 rams, 1,000 lambs, wine offerings, and many sacrifices for all Israel. 22 That day they ate and drank as they joyfully celebrated in front of the Lord. For the second time they made David’s son Solomon king. On the Lord’s behalf they anointed Solomon to be leader and Zadok to be the priest. 

23 Then Solomon sat on the Lord’s throne as king in place of his father David. Solomon was successful and all Israel obeyed him. 24 All the leaders and soldiers and all of King David’s sons pledged their loyalty to King Solomon. 25 The Lord made Solomon extremely powerful, as all Israel could see. The people of Israel gave him royal honor like no king of Israel before him ever had. 

David’s Reign1 Kings 2:10–12

26 David, son of Jesse, had ruled all Israel. 27 He ruled as king of Israel for 40 years. He ruled for 7 years in Hebron and for 33 in Jerusalem. 28 He died at a very old age. His long life was full of wealth and honor. Then his son Solomon succeeded him as king. 

29 Everything about King David from first to last is written in the records of the seerb Samuel, the prophet Nathan, and the seer Gad. 30 It includes everything about his reign, his power, and the things that happened to him, Israel, and all the other kingdoms. 


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