Zephaniah 2:8–11

8 “I mhave heard the reproach of Moab,

And nthe insults of the people of Ammon,

With which they have reproached My people,

And omade arrogant threats against their borders.

9 Therefore, as I live,”

Says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel,

“Surely pMoab shall be like Sodom,

And qthe people of Ammon like Gomorrah—

rOverrun 4with weeds and saltpits,

And a 5perpetual desolation.

The residue of My people shall plunder them,

And the remnant of My people shall possess them.”

10 This they shall have sfor their pride,

Because they have reproached and made arrogant threats

Against the people of the Lord of hosts.

11 The Lord will be awesome to them,

For He will reduce to nothing all the gods of the earth;

tPeople shall worship Him,

Each one from his place,

Indeed all uthe shores of the nations.

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