Micah 6:13–16

13 “Therefore I will also qmake you sick by striking you,

By making you desolate because of your sins.

14 rYou shall eat, but not be satisfied;

5Hunger shall be in your midst.

6You may carry some away, but shall not save them;

And what you do rescue I will give over to the sword.

15 “You shall ssow, but not reap;

You shall tread the olives, but not anoint yourselves with oil;

And make sweet wine, but not drink wine.

16 For the statutes of tOmri are ukept;

All the works of Ahab’s house are done;

And you walk in their counsels,

That I may make you a 7desolation,

And your inhabitants a hissing.

Therefore you shall bear the vreproach of 8My people.”

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