Micah 2:1–11

Woe to Evildoers

2 Woe to those who devise iniquity,

And 1work out evil on their beds!

At amorning light they practice it,

Because it is in the power of their hand.

2 They bcovet fields and take them by violence,

Also houses, and seize them.

So they oppress a man and his house,

A man and his inheritance.

3 Therefore thus says the Lord:

“Behold, against this cfamily I am devising ddisaster,

From which you cannot remove your necks;

Nor shall you walk haughtily,

For this is an evil time.

4 In that day one shall take up a proverb against you,

And elament with a bitter lamentation, saying:

‘We are utterly destroyed!

He has changed the 2heritage of my people;

How He has removed it from me!

To 3a turncoat He has divided our fields.’ ”

5 Therefore you will have no 4one to determine boundaries by lot

In the assembly of the Lord.

Lying Prophets

6 “Do not prattle,” you say to those who 5prophesy.

So they shall not prophesy 6to you;

7They shall not return insult for insult.

7 You who are named the house of Jacob:

“Is the Spirit of the Lord restricted?

Are these His doings?

Do not My words do good

To him who walks uprightly?

8 “Lately My people have risen up as an enemy—

You pull off the robe with the garment

From those who trust you, as they pass by,

Like men returned from war.

9 The women of My people you cast out

From their pleasant houses;

From their children

You have taken away My glory forever.

10 “Arise and depart,

For this is not your frest;

Because it is gdefiled, it shall destroy,

Yes, with utter destruction.

11 If a man should walk in a false spirit

And speak a lie, saying,

‘I will 8prophesy to you 9of wine and drink,’

Even he would be the hprattler of this people.

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