Isaiah 51:11–16

11 So athe ransomed of the Lord shall return,

And come to Zion with singing,

With everlasting joy on their heads.

They shall obtain joy and gladness;

Sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

12 “I, even I, am He bwho comforts you.

Who are you that you should be afraid

cOf a man who will die,

And of the son of a man who will be made dlike grass?

13 And eyou forget the Lord your Maker,

fWho stretched out the heavens

And laid the foundations of the earth;

You have feared continually every day

Because of the fury of the oppressor,

When he has prepared to destroy.

gAnd where is the fury of the oppressor?

14 The captive exile hastens, that he may be loosed,

hThat he should not die in the pit,

And that his bread should not fail.

15 But I am the Lord your God,

Who idivided the sea whose waves roared—

The Lord of hosts is His name.

16 And jI have put My words in your mouth;

kI have covered you with the shadow of My hand,

lThat I may 3plant the heavens,

Lay the foundations of the earth,

And say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’ ”

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