The New International Version

Romans 10:18–11:6

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18 But I ask: Did they not hear? Of course they did:

“Their voice has gone out into all the earth,

their words to the ends of the world.”i v

19 Again I ask: Did Israel not understand? First, Moses says,

“I will make you enviousw by those who are not a nation;

I will make you angry by a nation that has no understanding.”j x

20 And Isaiah boldly says,

“I was found by those who did not seek me;

I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me.”k y

21 But concerning Israel he says,

“All day long I have held out my hands

to a disobedient and obstinate people.”l z

The Remnant of Israel

11 I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means!a I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham,b from the tribe of Benjamin.c God did not reject his people,d whom he foreknew.e Don’t you know what Scripture says in the passage about Elijah—how he appealed to God against Israel: “Lord, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars; I am the only one left, and they are trying to kill me”a?f And what was God’s answer to him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”b g So too, at the present time there is a remnanth chosen by grace.i And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works;j if it were, grace would no longer be grace.

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