The New International Version

Psalm 104:1–9

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Praise the Lord, my soul.v

Lord my God, you are very great;

you are clothed with splendor and majesty.w

The Lord wrapsx himself in lighty as with a garment;

he stretchesz out the heavensa like a tentb

3 and lays the beamsc of his upper chambers on their waters.d

He makes the cloudse his chariotf

and rides on the wings of the wind.g

He makes winds his messengers,a h

flames of firei his servants.

He set the earthj on its foundations;k

it can never be moved.

You covered itl with the watery depthsm as with a garment;

the waters stoodn above the mountains.

But at your rebukeo the waters fled,

at the sound of your thunderp they took to flight;

they flowed over the mountains,

they went down into the valleys,

to the place you assignedq for them.

You set a boundaryr they cannot cross;

never again will they cover the earth.

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