Song of Solomon 5:2–8

2 1I was asleep but my heart was awake.

A voice! My beloved was knocking:

‘Open to me, amy sister, my darling,

bMy dove, my perfect one!

For my head is 2drenched with dew,

My clocks with the 3damp of the night.’

3 “I have ataken off my dress,

How can I put it on again?

I have bwashed my feet,

How can I dirty them again?

4 “My beloved extended his hand through the opening,

And my 1afeelings were aroused for him.

5 “I arose to open to my beloved;

And my hands adripped with myrrh,

And my fingers with 1liquid myrrh,

On the handles of the bolt.

6 “I opened to my beloved,

But my beloved had aturned away and had gone!

My 1heart went out to him as he bspoke.

I csearched for him but I did not find him;

I dcalled him but he did not answer me.

7 “The awatchmen who make the rounds in the city found me,

They struck me and wounded me;

The guardsmen of the walls took away my shawl from me.

8 “I aadjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem,

If you find my beloved,

As to what you will tell him:

For bI am lovesick.”

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