New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update

Isaiah 45:18–21

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18 For thus says the Lord, who acreated the heavens (He is the God who bformed the earth and made it, He established it and did not create it 1a cwaste place, but formed it to be dinhabited),

“I am the Lord, and ethere is none else.

19 “aI have not spoken in secret,

In 1some dark land;

I did not say to the 2boffspring of Jacob,

cSeek Me in 3a waste place’;

I, the Lord, dspeak righteousness,

eDeclaring things that are upright.

20aGather yourselves and come;

Draw near together, you fugitives of the nations;

bThey have no knowledge,

Who ccarry about 1their wooden idol

And dpray to a god who cannot save.

21 “aDeclare and set forth your case;

Indeed, let them consult together.

bWho has announced this from of old?

Who has long since declared it?

Is it not I, the Lord?

And there is cno other God besides Me,

A righteous God and a dSavior;

There is none except Me.

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