Acts 1:16–26

16 “Brethren, athe Scripture had to be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit foretold by the mouth of David concerning Judas, bwho became a guide to those who arrested Jesus.

17 “For he was acounted among us and received his share in bthis ministry.”

18 (Now this man aacquired a field with bthe price of his wickedness, and falling headlong, he burst open in the middle and all his intestines gushed out.

19 And it became known to all who were living in Jerusalem; so that in atheir own language that field was called Hakeldama, that is, Field of Blood.)

20 “For it is written in the book of Psalms,

aLet his homestead be made desolate,

And let no one dwell in it’;


bLet another man take his 1office.’

21 “Therefore it is necessary that of the men who have accompanied us all the time that athe Lord Jesus went in and out 1among us—

22 abeginning 1with the baptism of John until the day that He bwas taken up from us—one of these must become a cwitness with us of His resurrection.”

23 So they put forward two men, Joseph called Barsabbas (who was also called Justus), and aMatthias.

24 And they aprayed and said, “You, Lord, bwho know the hearts of all men, show which one of these two You have chosen

25 to 1occupy athis ministry and bapostleship from which Judas turned aside to go to his own place.”

26 And they 1adrew lots for them, and the lot fell 2to bMatthias; and he was 3added to cthe eleven apostles.

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