Deuteronomy 31:14–29

14 Then Yahweh said to Moses, “Look, you are about to die;u call Joshua and present yourselves in the tent of assembly,v so that I may instruct him.” So Moses and Joshua went and presented themselves inw the tent of assembly.x 15 And Yahweh appeared in the tent in a column of cloud, and the column of the cloud stood at the entrance of the tent. 16 And Yahweh said to Moses, “Look, you are about to lie down with your ancestors,y and this people will arise and theyz will play the prostitute after the foreign godsa of the land to which they are going.b 17 And my anger shall flare up against themc on that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my face from them, and theyd shall become as prey, and disasters and troubles shall finde them,f and theyg shall say on that day, ‘Is it not because ourh God is not in ouri midst that these disasters have foundj us?’k 18 But I will certainly hide my face on that day, because of all of the evil that theyl did because theym turned to other gods.

19 “And so then write this song for yourselves and teach it to the Israelites;n put it in their mouth, so that this song may be for me as a witness against the Israelites.o 20 For when I bring themp into the land that I swore to theirq ancestors,r a land flowing with milk and honey, they will eat their fill,s and theyt will become fat, and then theyu will turn to other gods, and they will serve them, and they will spurn me, and theyv will break my covenant. 21 And thenw many disasters and troubles will come upon them,x and this song will give evidence before themy as a witness, because it will not be forgotten from out of the mouth of their descendants,z for I know theira inclination that theyb are having todayc before I have brought themd into the land that I swore.” 22 And Moses wrote this song on that day and taught it to the Israelites.e

23 Then hef told Joshua the son of Nun, and said to him, “Be strong and be courageous, for you shall bring the Israelitesg into the land that I swore to them, and I will be with you.”

24 And then when Moses finished writingh the words of this law on the scroll until they were complete,i 25 then Moses commanded the Levites carrying the ark of the covenant of Yahweh, saying,j 26 “Take the scroll of this law and put it at the side of the ark of the covenant of Yahweh your God, and it will be there as a witness against you. 27 For I know your rebellion and your stiff neck even now while I am still alive with you today,k rebelling against Yahweh, and how much morel after my death. 28 Assemble to me all the elders of your tribes and your officials, so that I may speak in their ears these words, and that I may call as witness against them heaven and earth. 29 For I know that after my death you will certainly act corruptly, and you will turn aside from the way that I have commanded you, and the disaster in the future days will befall you, because you will do evilm in the eyes of Yahweh, provoking him with the work of your hands.”n

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