Deuteronomy 31:1–8

Succession, Deposition, and Recitation of Text

31 And Moses went and spoke these words to all Israel. And he said to them, “I am a hundred and twenty years olda today;b I am not able to go out and to come in any longer, and Yahweh said to me, ‘You may not cross this Jordan.’ Yahweh your God is about to cross before you;c he will destroy these nations before you,d and you shall dispossess them. Joshua will be crossing before you,e just as Yahweh promised.f And Yahweh will do to them just as he did to Sihon and to Og, kings of the Amorites, and to their land, which he destroyed with them. And Yahweh will deliver them to you before you,g and you shall do to them according to every commandment that I have commanded you. Be strong and be courageous; you should not be afraid, and you should not be in dread from their presence,h for Yahweh your God is the one going with you; he will not leave you alone and he will not forsake you.”

Then Moses summoned Joshua, and he said to him in the presence of all Israel,i “Be strong and be courageous, for you will go with this people into the land that Yahweh swore to their ancestorsj to give to them, and you will give it to them as an inheritance. Yahweh is the one going before you;k he will be with you, and he will not leave you alone, and he will not forsake you; you shall not be afraid, and you shall not be discouraged.”

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