Isaiah 52:13–53:12

The Servant’s Suffering and Exaltation

13 Look, my servant shall achieve success;

he shall be exalted,

and he shall be lifted up,

and he shall be very high.

14 Just as many were appalled at you—

such was his appearance beyond human disfigurement,

and his form beyond the sons of mankind—

15 so he shall sprinkle many nations;

because of him, kings shall shut their mouths.l

For they shall see what has not been told them,

and they shall consider with full attention what they have not heard.

53 Who has believed our message,

and to whom has the arm of Yahweh been revealed?

Fora he wentb up like a shoot before him,

and like a root from dry ground.

He had no form and no majesty thatc we should see him,

and no appearance thatd we should take pleasure in him.

He was despised and rejected by men,

a man of suffering, and acquainted withe sickness,

and like one from whom others hide their faces,f he was despised,

and we did not hold him in high regard.

However, he was the one who lifted up our sicknesses,

and he carried our pain,

yetg we ourselves assumed him stricken,

struck down by God and afflicted.

Buth he was piercedi for our transgressions,

crushed because of our iniquities;

the chastisement forj our peacek was upon him,

and by his woundsl we were healed.m

All of us have wandered about like sheep;

we each have turned to his own way;

and Yahweh let fall on him

the iniquity of us all.

He was oppressed and afflicted,

yetn he did not open his mouth;

he was brought like a lamb to the slaughter,

and like a sheep is dumb before its shearers,

soo he did not open his mouth.

He was taken by restraint of justice,

and who concerned himself with his generation?

For he was cut off from the land of the living;

he received a blow because of the transgression of my people.

He madep his grave with the wicked,

and with the rich in his death,

although he had done no violence,

and there was no deceit in his mouth.

10 Yetq Yahweh was pleased to crush him;

he made him sick.r

If shes placest his life a guilt offering,u

he will see offspring.

He will prolong days,

and the will of Yahweh will succeed in his hand.

11 From the trouble of his lifev he will see;w

he will be satisfied.

In his knowledge, the righteous one, my servant, shall declare many righteous,x

and he is the one who will bear their iniquities.

12 Therefore, I will divide to him a portion among the many,y

and with the strong ones he will divide bounty,

becausez he poured his life out to death

and was counted with the transgressors;

anda he was the one who bore the sin of many

and will intercede for the transgressors.

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