Isaiah 37:21–35

God’s Answer

21 And Isaiah son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah, saying, “Thus says Yahweh the God of Israel: ‘Because you have prayed to me concerningw Sennacherib, king of Assyria, 22 this is the word that Yahweh has spoken concerning him:

She shows contempt for you; she derides you, virgin daughter of Zion;

she shakes her head behind you, daughter of Jerusalem.

23 Whom have you taunted and blasphemed,

and against whom have you raised up your voice and lifted your eyes upward?

To the holy one of Israel!

24 By the hand of your servants you have taunted the Lord,

and you have said, “With my many chariots,x

I myself have gone up the height of the mountains,

to the remote areas of Lebanon.

And I cut off its tall cedars,y

the choicest of its junipers.

And I came to the height of its limit,

the forest of its orchard.z

25 I myself dug and drank waters,

and I caused all the streams of Egypt to dry up by the sole of my feet.”

26 Have you not heard from a long time ago?a I have made it

from days of primeval time, and I formed it.

Now I have brought it about,

and it is for fortified cities to collapse into heaps of destroyed stones.

27 And their inhabitants are weak;b

they are dismayed, and they are ashamed;

they have become like plantsc of the field,

and like greens of grass,

like grass ond the roofs

and a cultivated field beforee the standing grain.

28 And I know your sitting down and your going out,

and your coming in, and your raging againstf me.

29 Because you were enraged againstg me,

and your noiseh has come up toi my ears,

I will put my hook in your nose

and my bridle on your lips,

and I will turn you back

on the way by which you came.

30 And this shall be the sign for you: the eating of volunteer plantsj thisk year, and in the second year self-seeded plants,l and in the third year sow, reap, plant vineyards, and eat their fruit. 31 And the remnant of the house of Judah that remain shall growm rootsn downwards and make fruit upwards.

32 For a remnant shall go out from Jerusalem

and survivorso from mountain Zion.

The zeal of Yahweh of hosts will do this.’

33 Therefore thus says Yahweh concerningp the king of Assyria:

‘He shall not come to this city,

and he shall not shoot an arrow there,

and he shall not meet it with a shield,

and he shall not heap a siege ramp up against her.

34 He shall return by the way that he came,

and he shall not come to this city,’

declaresq Yahweh.

35 ‘And I will defend this city, to save it for my sake and for the sake of David, my servant.’ ”

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