Joshua 16:5–10

This was the border of the descendantsf of Ephraim according to their families: the border of their inheritance to the east was Ataroth Addar, up to Upper Beth-horon. The border continues to the sea; from Micmethath to the north, the border turns to the east to Taanath Shiloh, and it passes along it from the east to Janoah. Then it goes down from Janoah to Ataroth and to Naarah; it touches Jericho and ends at the Jordan; from Tappuah the border goes to the west, to the wadig of Kanah, and it endsh at the sea. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the descendantsi of Ephraim according to their families, with the cities that were set apart for the descendantsj of Ephraim in the midst of the inheritance of the descendantsk of Manasseh, all the cities and their villages. 10 But they did not drive out the Canananitesl who were dwelling in Gezer, and so the Canaanitesm live in the midst of Ephraim to this day, but they became forced laborers.

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