Job 40:15–24

15 “Look, Behemoth,h which I have made just as I made you;

it eats grass like the ox.

16 Look, its strength is in its loins

and its power in the muscles of its stomach.

17 It keeps its tail straight like a cedar;

the sinews of its thighs are tightly wound.

18 Its bones are tubes of copper,

its limbs like rods of iron.

19 “It is the first of God’s actions;

the one who made him furnishes it with his sword.i

20 Yes, the mountains yield produce for it,

and all wild animalsj play there.

21 Under the lotus tree it lies,

in the hiding place of the reeds and in the marsh.

22 The lotus trees cover it with their shade;

the wadi’sk poplar trees surround it.

23 Look, if the river is turbulent, it is not frightened;

it is confident even though the Jordan rushes against its mouth.

24 Can anyone take it by its eyes?

Can he pierce its nose with a snare?

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