Jeremiah 14:1–6

The Severe Drought

14 That which came as the word of Yahweh to Jeremiah concerning the mattera of the severe drought.

“Judah mourns, and her gates languish,

they are in mourning on the ground,

and the cry of lament of Jerusalem goes up.

And their nobles send their servants for water.

They come to the pits, they find no water.

They return with their vessels empty.b

They are ashamed, and they are confounded,

and they cover their heads.c

Because of the ground, which is cracked

because there was no rain on the ground.

The farmers are ashamed,

they cover their heads.d

For even the doe in the field gives birth and forsakes her young,e

because there is no green growth.

And wild asses stand on the barren heights,

they gasp for breath like the jackals.

Their eyes fail

because there is no vegetation.”

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