King James Version

2 Chronicles 35:20–26

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20 *nAfter all this, when Josiah had prepared the temple, Necho king of Egypt came up to fight against oCarchemish by Euphrates: and Josiah went out against him. 21 But he sent ambassadors to him, saying, pWhat have I to do with thee, thou king of Judah? I come not against thee this day, but against the house wherewith I have war: for God commanded me to make haste: qforbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not. 22 Nevertheless Josiah would not rturn his face from him, but sdisguised himself, that he might fight with him, and hearkened not unto the words of Necho tfrom the mouth of God, and came to fight in the yvalley of uMegiddo. 23 And the archers shot at king Josiah; and the king said to his servants, Have me away; for I am sore wounded. 24 xHis servants therefore took him out of that chariot, and put him in the second chariot that he had; and they brought him to Jerusalem, and he died, and was buried ||in one of the sepulchres of his fathers. And all Judah and Jerusalem ymourned for Josiah. 25 And Jeremiah zlamented for Josiah: and all athe singing men and the singing women spake of Josiah in their lamentations to this day, and made them ban ordinance in Israel: and, behold, they are written in the lamentations. 26 Now the rest of the acts of Josiah, and his goodness, according to that which was written in the law of the Lord,

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Heb. house. ch. 34:8, 10 &c.


Heb. the house of my war.


ch. 25:16 (Heb.). So Ex. 14:12 (Heb.).


ch. 29:6.


ver. 21.


Comp. Zech. 12:11.


Heb. made sick. See 1 Kin. 22:34.


Or, among the sepulchres.


Comp. Zech. 12:11.


See 2 Sam. 1:17. Comp. Lam. 4:20.


See Judg. 11:39 marg.

Heb. kindnesses. See ch. 32:32.