Proverbs 4:1–10

A Father’s Example

4 Listen, my sons, to a father’s discipline, s

and pay attention so that you may gain understanding,

for I am giving you good instruction. t

Don’t abandon my teaching.

When I was a son with my father,

tender and precious to my mother,

he taught me and said:

“Your heart must hold on to my words.

Keep my commands and live. u

Get wisdom, get understanding; v

don’t forget or turn away from the words of my mouth.

Don’t abandon wisdom, and she will watch over you;

love her, w and she will guard you.

Wisdom is supreme—so get wisdom.

And whatever else you get, get understanding. x

Cherish her, and she will exalt you;

if you embrace her, she will honor you. y

She will place a garland of grace on your head;

she will give you a crown of beauty.” z

Two Ways of Life

10 Listen, my son. Accept my words, a

and you will live many years. b

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