Wisdom of Solomon 6

6Hear there fore, ye kings, and understand;

Learn, ye judges of the ends of the earth:

Give ear, ye that have dominion over much people,

And make your boast in multitudes of nations.

Because your dominion was given you from the Lord,

And your sovereignty from the Most High;

Who shall search out your works,

And shall make inquisition of your counsels:

Because being officers of his kingdom ye did not judge aright,

Neither kept ye the law, nor walked after the counsel of God.

Awfully and swiftly shall he come upon you;

For a stern judgement befalleth them that be in high places:

For the man of low estate may be pardoned in mercy,

But mighty men shall be searched out mightily.

For the Sovereign Lord of all will not regard any man’s person.

Neither will he stand in awe of greatness;

Because it is he that made both small and great,

And alike he taketh thought for all;

But strict is the scrutiny that cometh upon the powerful.

Unto you therefore, O princes, are my words,

That ye may learn wisdom and not fall away.

10 For they that have kept holily the things that are holy shall themselves be accounted holy;

And they that have been taught them shall find what to answer;

11 Set your desire therefore upon my words;

Long for them, and ye shall be instructed.

Wisdom desires to be found.

12 Wisdom is radiant and fadeth not away;

And easily is she beheld of them that love her,

And found of them that seek her.

13 She forestalleth them that desire to know her, making herself first known.

14 He that riseth up early to seek her shall have no toil,

For he shall find her sitting at his gates.

15 For to think upon her is perfection of understanding,

And he that keepeth vigil for her sake shall quickly be free from care.

16 For she goeth about, seeking them that are worthy of her,

And in their paths she appeareth unto them graciously,

And in every purpose she meeteth them.

The Sorites.

17 For her true beginning is desire of instruction;

And the care for instruction is love of her;

18 And love of her is observance of her laws;

And to give heed to her laws is the assurance of incorruption;

19 And incorruption bringeth near unto God;

20 So then desire of wisdom promoteth to a kingdom.

Solomon promises to declare the nature of wisdom.

21 If therefore ye delight in thrones and sceptres, ye princes of peoples,

Honour wisdom, that ye may reign for ever.

22 But what wisdom is, and how she carne to me, I will declare,

And I will not hide her mysteries from you;

But I will trace her out from her first beginning

And bring the knowledge of her into clear light,

And I will not pass by the truth;

23 Neither indeed will I take pining envy for my companion,

Because envy shall have no fellowship with wisdom.

24 But a multitude of wise men is salvation to the world,

And an understanding king is tranquillity to his people.

25 Wherefore be ye instructed by my words, and thereby shall ye profit.

Solomon at first like other men: wisdom given to him in answer to prayer.

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