Tobit 9

9Then Tobias called Raphael, and said unto him, Brother Azarias, take along with thee four servants, and two camels, and go to Rages and get thee to Gabael, and give him the bond; receive the money and bring him with thee to the wedding feast. For thou knowest that my father will count the days, and if I tarry one day, I shall sorely grieve him; and thou seest what Raguel hath sworn, and I cannot break his oath. And Raphael went on his way with the four servants and the two camels to Rages of Media and they lodged with Gabael, and Raphael gave him his bond; and (he) made known to him concerning Tobias, Tobit’s son, that he had taken a wife and that he invited him to the wedding-feast. And he arose and counted out to him the bags with their seals and placed them together on the camels. And they rose up early in the morning together and came to the wedding-feast. And they came into the house of Raguel, and found Tobias lying at meat. And he sprang up and greeted him. And he wept and blessed him and said unto him, Honest and good lad, son of a man honest and good, just and merciful! The Lord give thee the blessing of heaven, and unto thy wife and thy father and thy wife’s mother! Blessed be God that I have seen Tobias my cousin like him.

D. The Home-Coming, 10:1–11:17.


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