Tobit 8

8And she went forth. And when they had finished eating and drinking, they desired to sleep, and they led the young man away and brought him into the chamber. And Tobias remembered the words of Raphael, and took the liver of the fish and the heart out of the bag which he had, and put them on the ashes of the incense. And the smell of the fish baffled the demon, and he ran away into the upper parts of Egypt; and Raphael went and fettered him there and bound him straightway. And they went forth and shut the door of the chamber. And Tobias rose up from the bed, and said unto her, Sister, arise; let us pray and make supplication to our Lord that he may work mercy and deliverance for us. And she arose, and they began to pray and make supplication that deliverance might be wrought for them, and he began to say, Blessed art thou, God of our fathers, and ∙blessed is thy name for ever and ever; let the heavens bless thee, and all thy creation to all the ages. Thou madest Adam, and madest Eve his wife for a helper and a stay for him: of them both came the seed of men: and thou didst say, It is not good that the man should be alone; let us make him a helper like unto him. And now I take not this my sister for lust, but in truth: command that I and she may find mercy and grow old together. And they said together, Amen. And they slept the night.

The parents’ joy and the ensuing feast, vv. 9b–21.

10 And Raguel arose and called his servants with him and they went and digged a grave, for he said, Lest he perish, and we become a derision and a reproach. 11 And when they had finished digging the grave Raguel came into the house, 12 and called his wife, and said, Send one of the maidservants and let her go in and see if he be alive: and if he is dead that we may bury him, that no man know it. 13 And they sent the maidservant and lighted the lamp and opened the door, and she went in and found them sleeping and slumbering together. 14 And the maidservant came forth, and told them that he was alive and that there was naught amiss. 15 And he blessed the God of heaven and said,

16 Blessed art thou, O God, with all pure blessing; let them bless thee for ever. And blessed art thou, because thou hast made me glad: and it hath not befallen as I supposed, but thou hast dealt with us according to thy great mercy. 17 And blessed art thou, because thou hast had mercy on two that are the only begotten children of their parents: shew them mercy and deliverance, O Lord; and fulfil thou their life with gladness and mercy.

18 Then he bade his servants fill the grave before the morning came. 19 And he bade his wife make many loaves. And he went to the herd, and fetched two oxen and four rams, and bade prepare them; and they began to make ready. 20 And he called Tobias and said unto him, For fourteen days thou shalt not stir hence, but shalt stay here eating and drinking at my house, and shalt gladden my daughter’s sore afflicted soul. 21 And all that is mine take thereof the half, and go in safety to thy father; and the other half, when I and my wife die, is yours. Be of good cheer, child! I am thy father, and Edna is thy mother; and thine now are we and thy sister’s; from henceforth we are for ever. Be of good cheer, child!


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