Tobit 7

7And when he came into Ecbatana, he saith unto him, Brother Azarias, lead me straight to Raguel our brother. And he led him to the house of Raguel, and they found him sitting by the door of the court; and they saluted him first, and he said unto them, Much cheer to you, brethren, and ye are well come in safety. And he brought them into his house.

And they came to Ecbatana, and arrived at the house of Raguel. But Sarah met them; and she saluted them, and they her; and she brought them into the house.

And he said unto Edna his wife, How like is this young man to Tobias my kinsman! And Edna asked them and said unto them, Whence are ye, brethren? And they said unto her, We are of the sons of Naphtali, which are captives in Nineveh. And she said unto them, Know ye Tobit our kinsman? And they said unto her, We know him. And she said unto them, Is he in good health? And they said unto her, He is in good health and alive. And Tobias said, He is my father. And Raguel sprang up, and kissed him, and wept; and he spake and said unto him, Blessing be unto thee, lad, who art the son of a noble and good father. Oh, dire calamity, that a man, righteous and almsdoing, should have become blind! And he fell on the neck of Tobias his kinsman and wept, and Edna his wife bewept him, and Sarah their daughter also wept. And he killed a ram of the flock and received them gladly.

The negotiations and the marriage, vv. 9b–14.

And when they had bathed, and washed their hands and laid them down to dine, Tobias said unto Raphael, Brother Azarias, speak unto Raguel that he give me Sarah my sister. 10(9) And Raguel heard the word and said unto the young man, Eat and drink, and make merry this night: (10)for there is no man unto whom it appertaineth to take Sarah my daughter except thee, brother; and likewise, further, I have not power to give her to another man than thee, because thou art my nearest kin. Yea, verily, I will shew thee the truth, lad. 11 I have given her to seven men of our brethren and all died in the night when they came in unto her. And now, child, eat and drink, and the Lord will deal mercifully with you. And Tobias said, I will taste nothing here nor will I drink until thou settle mine affairs. (12)And Raguel said to him, I do so; she is given to thee according to the decree of the book of Moses, and from heaven it hath been decreed that she is given to thee; take thy sister. From henceforth thou art her brother, and she is thy sister; she hath been given to thee, from to-day even for ever. And the Lord of heaven give success to you, child, this night, even to do mercy and peace towards you. 12(13) And Raguel called his daughter Sarah, and she came to him and he took her by the hand, and gave her to him, and said, Take her according to the law and according to the decree which is written in the book of Moses to give her unto thee to wife. Have her and lead her away to thy father in peace; and the God of heaven prosper you with peace. 13(14) And he called her mother, and told her to bring a book, and he wrote an instrument of co-habitation, even that he gave her to him to wife according to the decree of the law of Moses. 14(15) Then they began to eat and to drink.

Sarah’s recovery and the consummation of the marriage, 7:15–8:9a.

15(16) And Raguel called Edna, his wife, and said unto her, Sister, prepare the other chamber, and bring her in thither. 16(17) And she went and spread the bed in the chamber as he bade her and brought her thither; and she wept for her and wiped away her tears, 17(18) and said unto her, Be of good comfort, daughter: the Lord of heaven give thee joy for thy sorrow: be of good comfort, daughter.

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