Tobit 6

61(22) And she was silent from her weeping.

C. The Events of the Journey, 6:2–9:6.


2(6:1) And the young man went forth, and the angel with him, and the dog went forth with him and journeyed with them; and they journeyed both of them together. And once night came upon them, 3(2) and they lodged by the river Tigris, and the young man went down to wash his feet in the river Tigris. And a great fish leaped up out of the water, and would have swallowed the foot of the young man. 4(3) And he cried out. And the angel said unto the young man, Grasp and take hold of the fish. 5(4) And the young man caught hold of the fish, and hauled it up on to the land. And the angel said unto him, Open the fish, and take out its gall and the heart and liver and put them by thee, and cast away the inwards; for its gall and heart and liver are for an useful medicament. 6(5) And the young man opened the fish and collected the gall and the heart and the liver, and he roasted part of the fish and did eat, and left part thereof salted. 7(6) And they journeyed both of them together until they drew nigh to Media. And then the young man asked the angel and said unto him, Brother Azarias, what is the medicament in the heart and the liver of the fish and in the gall? 8(7) And he said unto him, As regards the heart and the liver of the fish, make thou a smoke before a man or a woman who hath an attack of a demon or an evil spirit; and every attack will flee from him, and they shall nevermore find an abode with him. 9(8) And as for the gall—anoint a man’s eyes, upon which white films have come up, or blow into them on the white films, and they become well.



10(9) And when he had entered into Media and was already drawing nigh to Ecbatana, 11(10) Raphael saith unto the young man, Brother Tobias. And he said unto him, Here am I. And he said unto him, In the house of Raguel we must lodge this night, the man being thy kinsman; and he hath a daughter whose name is Sarah. 12(11) And he hath no son nor daughter but Sarah alone, and thou art nearer kin to her than any man to inherit her, and what things are her father’s it is right for thee to inherit; and the maid is wise and steadfast and exceeding honourable, (12)and her father is an honourable man. 13 And he said, It is right for thee to take her; and hear me, brother, and I will speak this night unto her father concerning the maid, that we may take her to be thy bride. And when we return from Rages we will celebrate her marriage. And I know that Raguel can in no wise keep her back from thee or marry her to another—to incur liability to death according to the decree of the book of Moses—and because he knoweth that the inheritance appertaineth to thee to take his daughter before any man. And now, hear me, brother, and let us speak concerning the maid this night and we will betroth her to thee; and, when we return from Rages, we will take her and let us lead her back with us to thy home. 14(13) Then Tobias answered and said unto Raphael, Brother Azarias, I have heard that already the maid hath been given to seven men, and they have died in their bridal-chambers; even in the night when they went in unto her they died. And I have heard them say that a demon slayeth them. 15(14) And now for my part I fear—for her he harmeth not, but the man who would come in unto her, him he slayeth, and I am my father’s only child—lest I should die and bring my father’s and my mother’s life to the grave with sorrow because of me: and they have no other son to bury them. 16(15) And he saith unto him, Dost thou not remember the commands of thy father, that he commanded thee to take a wife of thy father’s house? And now hear me, brother; and make thou no reckoning of this demon, but take her. 17(16) For I know that this night she shall be given to thee to wife. And when thou comest into the bride-chamber, take of the liver of the fish with the heart and place them upon the ashes of the incense and the smell shall go forth, 18(17) and the devil shall smell it, and flee away, and never appear any more to her. And when thou art about to be with her, rise up both of you first and pray and supplicate the Lord of heaven that mercy and deliverance may be extended to you. And fear not, for she was set apart for thee before the world was; and thou shalt save her, and she shall go with thee. And I suppose that thou shalt have children of her and they shall be as brothers unto thee. Take no reckoning. And when Tobias heard the words of Raphael, and that she was his sister of the seed of his father’s house, he loved her exceedingly, and his heart clave unto her.

Arrival and welcome at Raguel’s, 7:1–9a.



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