Tobit 5

5Then answered Tobias and said unto Tobit his father, All things, whatsoever thou hast commanded me, I will do, father. But how shall I be able to fetch it from him, seeing he knoweth me not nor do I know him? What token shall I give him that he may recognize me and trust me and give me the money? And the roads to Media I know not to journey there. Then answered Tobit and said unto Tobias his son, His note of hand he gave me and a note of hand I gave him and I parted it in two and we took to each of us a part, and I put it with the money, and now lo, it is twenty years since I left this money in trust. And now, child, seek thee a trusty man which shall go with thee, and we will give him wages, until thou return: and fetch thou this money from him. And Tobias went out to seek a man who would go with him into Media and knew the way well; and he went out and found Raphael, the angel, standing before him. (5)And he knew not that he was an angel of God, and said unto him, Whence art thou, young man? And he said unto him, Of the children of Israel thy brethren; and I am come hither to work. And he said unto him, Knowest thou the way to go to Media? And he said unto him, Yea, I have often been there, and I know it well and I know all the ways; many times did I go unto Media and lodged with Gabael our kinsman, who dwelleth in Rages of Media; and it is two regular days’ journey from Ecbatana to Rages; for it lieth in the hill country, but Ecbatana in the middle of the plain. And he said unto him, Wait for me, young man, until I go in and shew my father; for I need that thou go with me and I will give thee thy hire. And he said unto him, Behold, I will wait, only tarry not. And Tobias went in and shewed Tobit his father and said unto him, Behold, I have found a man of our brethren the children of Israel. And he said unto him, Call me the man, that I may know what is his family and of what tribe he is, and whether he be a trusty man to go with thee, child.

10(9) And Tobias went forth, and called him and said unto him, Young man, my father calleth thee. And he came in to him, and Tobit saluted him first. And he said unto him, Much cheer to thee! And Tobit answered and said unto him, What cheer have I any more, who am a man impotent in the eyes, and I behold not the light of heaven, but lie in darkness like the dead which no more see the light; while I live I am among the dead; the voice of men I hear, and themselves I behold not. And he said unto him, Be of good cheer! it is nigh with God to heal thee; be of good cheer! And Tobit said unto him, My son Tobias wisheth to go unto Media; canst thou go with him and direct him? And I will give thee thy hire, brother. And he said unto him, I shall be able to go with him, and I know all the ways, and often have I gone to Media and passed through all its plains and mountains, and all its ways I know. 11(10) And he said unto him, Brother, of what family art thou, and out of what tribe? Shew me, brother. 12(11) And he said, What need hast thou of a tribe? And he said unto him, I would know truly of what tribe thou art, brother, and what thy name. 13(12) And he said unto him, I am Azarias, the son of Ananias the great, of thy kinsmen. 14(13) And he said unto him, Welcome and safety, brother; and be not bitter towards me, brother, because I wished to know the truth and thy family. And thou chancest to be a kinsman, and thou art of a noble and good lineage: I knew Ananias and Nathan, the two sons of Semelias the great, and they used to go with me to Jerusalem and worship with me there and they went not astray. Thy brethren are good men; thou art of a good stock, and I bid thee welcome. 15(14) And he said unto him, I give thee a drachma a day as wages, 16(15) and those things that be necessary for thee, as unto my son; and go thou with my son, and I will add something to thy wages. And he said unto him, I will go with him, and fear thou not; we shall go safe and return safe unto thee, because the way is secure. 17(16) And he said unto him, Blessing befall thee, brother! And he called his son, and said unto him, Child, prepare what is needful for the journey and go forth with thy kinsman. And God which is in heaven preserve you there and restore you to me in safety and his angel accompany you with deliverance, child.

B. The Departure, 5:17b–6:1.

And he went forth to go upon his journey; and he kissed his father and mother, and Tobit said unto him, Farewell. 18(17) And his mother wept, and said unto Tobit, Why is it that thou hast sent away my child? 19(18) Is he not the staff of our hand, and doth he not go in and out before us? Let not money be added to money: but let it be a ransom for our child. 20(19) As the Lord hath given us to live, so doth it suffice us. 21(20) And he said unto her, Trouble not; our child shall go in peace, and in peace come unto us and thine eyes shall see him in the day when he shall come unto thee in peace. 22(21) Trouble not: fear not for them, sister; for a good angel shall go with him, and his journey shall be prospered, and he shall return in peace.

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