Tobit 4

4In that day Tobit remembered the money which he had left in trust with Gabael in Rages of Media, and he said in his heart, Behold, I have asked for death. Why do I not call my son Tobias and shew unto him concerning this money before I die?


And he called Tobias his son and he came unto him and he said unto him, Bury me well, and honour thy mother; and forsake her not all the days of her life, and do that which is pleasing before her, and grieve not her spirit in any matter. Remember her, child, that she hath experienced many dangers for thee in her womb; and when she is dead, bury her by me in one grave. My child, be mindful of the Lord all thy days, and let not thy will be set to sin and to transgress his commandments: do acts of righteousness all the days of thy life, and walk not in the ways of unrighteousness. For if thou doest the truth, success shall be in thy works, and so it shall be unto all that do righteousness. Give alms of thy substance: turn not away thy face from any poor man, and the face of God shall not be turned away from thee. As thy substance is, give alms of it according to thine abundance: if thou have much, according to the abundance thereof, give alms; if thou have little bestow it, and be not afraid to give alms according to that little: for thou layest up a good treasure for thyself against the day of necessity: 10 because alms delivereth from death, and suffereth not to come into darkness. 11 Alms is a good offering in the sight of the Most High for all that give it. 12 Beware, my child, of all whoredom, and take first a wife of the seed of thy fathers, take not a strange wife, which is not of thy father’s tribe; for we are the sons of the prophets. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, our fathers of old time, remember, my child, that they all took wives of their kinsmen, and were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land. 13 And now, my child, love thy brethren, and scorn not in thy heart thy brethren and the sons and the daughters of thy people so as not to take one of them; for in scornfulness is destruction and much trouble, and in idleness is decay and great want, for idleness is the mother of famine. 14 Let not the wages of any man, which shall work for thee, tarry with thee, but render it unto him out of hand: and if thou serve God, recompense shall be made unto thee. Take heed to thyself, my child, in all thy works, and be discreet in all thy behaviour. 15 And what thou thyself hatest, do to no man. Drink not wine unto drunkenness, and let not drunkenness go with thee on thy way. 16 Give of thy bread to the hungry, and of thy garments to them that are naked: of all thine abundance give alms; and let not thine eye be grudging when thou givest alms. 17 Pour out thy bread and thy wine on the tomb of the just, and give not to sinners. 18 Ask counsel of every man that is wise, and despise not any counsel that is profitable. 19 And bless the Lord thy God at all times, and ask of him that thy ways may be made straight, and that all thy paths and counsels may prosper: for every nation hath not lrest;good counsel; but the Lord will give to them all good things; and whom he will the Lord humbleth unto the nethermost Hades. And now, child, remember these commandments, and let them not be blotted out of thy heart. 20 And now, child, I shew thee that I left ten talents of silver in trust with Gabael the brother of Gabri at Rages of Media. 21 And fear not, my child, because we have become poor: thou hast much wealth, if thou fear God and avoid every kind of sin and do the things which are good in the sight of the Lord thy God.


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