Tobit 12

12And when the wedding feast was ended Tobit called his son Tobias, and said unto him, Child, see that thou give the wages to the man which went with thee, so that thou give him more for his wages. And he said unto him, Father, How much shall I give him as his wages? It is no harm to me to give him the half of the possessions which he has brought with me. He hath led me in safety, and he cured my wife, and brought the money with me, and cured thee; how much shall I give him further as wages? And Tobit said unto him, It is due unto him, child, to take the half of all which thou hadst when thou camest. And he called him and said, Take the half of all that thou hadst when thou camest for thy wages, and go in peace.



Then he called them both privily, and said unto them, Bless God, and give him thanks in the sight of all that live, for the good things which he hath done unto you, to bless and praise his name. The words of God show forth to all men with honour and be not slack to give him thanks. It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to confess and reveal the works of God. And confess ye them with honour. Do the good, and evil shall not find you. Better is prayer with truth, and alms with righteousness than riches with unrighteousness; it is better to give alms than to lay up gold: almsgiving doth deliver from death, and it purges away all sin. They that do alms shall be fed with life; 10 they that commit sin and unrighteousness are enemies to their own life.

His revelation of his own being and office, vv. 11–15.

11 I will show you all the truth and will keep close nothing from you. Already I have shown you and have said, It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but the works of God to reveal gloriously. 12 And now, when thou didst pray and Sarah, I did bring the memorial of your prayer before the glory of the Lord: and when thou didst bury the dead, likewise. 13 And when thou didst not delay to rise up, 14 and leave thy dinner, but didst go and cover the dead, then I was sent unto thee to try thee; (14)and at the same time God did send me also to heal Sarah thy daughter-in-law. 15 I am Raphael, one of the seven angels, which stand and enter before the glory of the Lord.


16 And they were both troubled, and fell upon their faces; and they were afraid. 17 And he said unto them, Be not afraid, peace be unto you; bless God to all eternity. 18 I when I was with you, was not with you of any favour of mine, but by the will of God; him bless ye day by day, him praise.



19 And ye behold me that I have eaten nothing, but a vision hath appeared to you. 20 And now bless the Lord on the earth and give God thanks: Behold I ascend to him that sent me: write down all these things which have been happened to you. 21 And he ascended. And they rose up and could no longer see him. 22 And they blessed and praised God and they gave him thanks for these his great works, how the angel of God had appeared unto them.

All these days did I appear unto you; and I did neither eat nor drink, but it was a vision ye yourselves saw. And now give God thanks because I ascend to him that sent me: and write in a book all the things which have been done. And they rose up and saw him no more. And they confessed the great and wonderful works of God, and how the angel of the Lord had appeared unto them.

4. TOBIT’S PRAYER OF JOY, 13:1–18.


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