Tobit 11

11And when they drew nigh to Caeserin which is over against Nineveh, Raphael said, Thou knowest how we did leave thy father: let us run forward before thy wife, and prepare the house while they are coming. And they went both together; and he said unto him, Take in thy hands the gall. And the dog went with them, behind him and her son. And Anna sat watching the road by which her son would come. And she espied him coming, and said unto his father, Behold, thy son cometh, and the man that went with him. And Raphael said unto Tobias before he drew nigh to his father, I know that his eyes will be opened; stuff the gall of the fish into his eyes and the medicament will draw up and scale off the white films from his eyes, and thy father will see again and behold the light. And she ran, and fell upon the neck of her son, and said unto him, I have seen thee, my child; hereafter I can die. 10 And she wept. And Tobit rose and stumbled with his feet and went forth toward the door of the porch. 11 And Tobias went towards him with the gall of the fish in his hand; and he blew into his eyes, and took hold of him and said, Courage, father! (11, 12)And Tobias threw the medicament upon him, 12 and gave it him; 13(13) and he peeled off the white films with both his hands from the corners of his eyes. 14 And he fell upon his neck, and wept, and said unto him, I see thee, child, the light of mine eyes. And he said, Blessed is God, and blessed is his great name, and blessed are all his holy angels. 15 May his great name [ ] be blessed [ ] to all ages; for he did chastise me, and behold, I see my son Tobias. And Tobias went in rejoicing and blessing God in his whole body, and Tobias shewed his father that his journey had prospered and that he had brought the money, and how he had taken Sarah the daughter of Raguel to wife; and, Behold, she is at hand and is nigh the gate of Nineveh. 16 And Tobit went out to the gate of Nineveh to meet his daughter-in-law, rejoicing and blessing God. And when the men of Nineveh saw him go and pass on with all his strength and not led by the hand by anyone, they marvelled. 17 And Tobit gave thanks before them, because God had shewed mercy on him, and because he had opened his eyes. And Tobit came near to Sarah the wife of Tobias his son, and he blessed her, and said unto her, Welcome, daughter; and blessed is thy God which hath brought thee unto us, 18 daughter, and blessed is thy father and blessed is Tobias my son and blessed art thou, daughter; welcome, daughter, to thy home, with blessing and joy, welcome, daughter. On this day there was joy to all the Jews which were at Nineveh. And Aḥiḳar and Nadab his cousin [ ] came rejoicing unto Tobit.

E. The Self-revelation and Ascension of Raphael, 12:1–22.


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