Tobit 10

10Now day by day Tobit kept counting how many days he would spend in going and how many return in. And when the days were expired, and his son was not come, he said, Is he perchance detained there? or is Gabael perchance dead, and there is no man to give him the money? And he began to grieve. And Anna his wife saith, My child hath perished, and is no longer among the living; and she began to weep and bewail her son, and said, Woe is me, my child, that I let thee go, the light of mine eyes. And Tobit kept saying unto her, Hold thy peace, trouble not, sister, he is in good health; doubtless some distracting business hath befallen them there; and the man who went with him is trusty and one of our brethren; grieve not for him, sister, soon he will be here. And she said unto him, Hold thy peace at me and deceive me not; my child hath perished. And hastening forth early she spent every day watching the road, by which her son had gone, and would hearken to no one; and when the sun went down she would enter in, and mourn and weep the whole night, and have no sleep.


And when the fourteen days of the wedding feast were expired which Raguel had sworn to celebrate for his daughter, Tobias entered in to him and said, Send me away, for I know that my father and my mother believe not that they will see me again; and now I pray thee, father, that thou send me away that I may go to my father; already I have told thee how I left him. And Raguel said unto Tobias, Abide, lad, abide with me, while I send messengers to Tobit thy father, and they shall tell him concerning thee. And he said unto him, Nay, I pray thee that thou send me away to my father. 10 And Raguel arose, and handed over to Tobias Sarah his wife, and half of all his goods, men-servants and maid-servants, oxen and sheep, asses and camels, clothing and money and chattels; and he sent them away in peace, 11 and he embraced him and said to him, Farewell, child, depart in peace; may the Lord of heaven prosper you, and Sarah thy wife, and may I see children of you before I die. 12 And he said unto Sarah his daughter, Go unto thy father-in-law, because henceforth they are thy parents as they who begat thee; farewell, daughter. May I hear a good report of thee so long as I live. And he embraced them and let them go. And Edna saith unto Tobias, Child and brother beloved, may the Lord restore thee, and may I see children of thee while I live and of Sarah my daughter before I die. Before the Lord I commit my daughter unto thee in trust; vex her not all the days of thy life. Child, farewell; henceforth I am thy mother and Sarah thy sister. May we all be prospered in the same all the days in our life. And she kissed them both and sent them away in peace. 13(11, 1) And Tobias departed from Raguel in peace and rejoicing and blessing the Lord of heaven and earth, the King of all, because he had prospered his journey. And Raguel said unto him, Mayst thou be prospered to honour them all the days of their life.


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