Sirach 8

8 aContend not with a mighty man,

Lest thou fall into his handsb.

Strive not against cthe man that is richc,

Lest he weigh thy priced, eand thou be destroyede.

For goldf hath made many reckless,

And wealth hath led astray the hearts of princes.

Quarrel not with a loud-mouthed man,

And put not wood on fire.

(n) 8:4–7. A warning against associating with a foolish man; the need of having respect for the penitent, the aged, and the departed

(= 1 + 3 distichs).

HA Associate not with a gfoolish mang,

Lest he despise h(thy) sound (words)h.

Reproach not a man who repenteth,

Remember that we are all guiltyi.

Dishonour notk a man that is old,

For lwe shall be numbered among the agedl.

Rejoice not over one that is dead,

Remember that we shall all be gatheredm (to our fathers).

(a) 8:8–9. An exhortation to learn from the wise and the aged

(= 2 + 2 distichs).

Neglect not the discourse of the wise,

And busy thyself with proverbs;

For therefromn wilt thou learn instructiono,

That thou mayst standp in the presence of princesq.

Reject not the traditionr of the aged,

Which they heards from their fathers;

For therefrom wilt thou receivet instructionu,

That thou mayst (be able to) return answer in time of need.

(b) 8:10–11. The danger of consorting with sinners

(= 2 distichs).

HA 10 vKindle notw the coalsx of the wickedv,

Lest thou be burned with the flame of his fire.

11 yBe not enraged because of the scorner,

That he should usez thy moutha as an ambush.

(c) 8:12–13. Warnings against lending and standing surety

(= 2 distichs).

12 Lend not to a man that is mightier than thou,

And if thou lend, (thou art) as one that loseth.

13 Be not surety bfor one who is more excellentc than thoub,

And if thou become surety (thou art)d as one that payeth.

(d) 8:14–19. Warnings against having dealings with various types of evil men

(= 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 distichs).

14 Go not to law with a judge,

For he will judge according to his good pleasure.

15 Go not ein the waye with a cruelf man,

Lest thou be overwhelmed with misfortune:

For he will gog straight before his face,

And through his foolishness thou wilt perish.

16 hDo not obstinately gainsayh a wrathfuli man,

And ride notk with him through the desertl.

For blood is as nothing in his eyes,

And whore there is no helper, he will destroy thee.

HA 17 Take no counsel with a fool,

For he will not be able mto keep thy secretm,

18 nDo no secret thing before a strangern,

For thou knowest not what he will ultimatelyo do (therewith).

19 Reveal not pthy heartp to every man,

And q drive not awayq from thee prosperity.

(e) 9:1–9. Of conduct towards women

(= 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 distichs).

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