Sirach 6

6 And be not an enemy in place of a friend,

d(For then) wouldst thou get an evil name, and reproach, and shamed;

So it is with an evil man who is double-tongued.

(f) 6:2–4. A Warning against lustful passions

(= 3 distichs).

eBe not a slave to thy passionse,

Lest theyf consume gthy strength hlike a bullh;

HA Thy leaves will theyd eat up, and thy fruits will theyd destroy,

And theyd will leave thee as a dried-up tree.

Fore fierce passion destroyeth its possessorf,

Andff gmaketh himg the scornh of his enemy.

(g) 6:5–17. Concerning true and false Friendship

(=2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 distichs).

kGentle speechk multiplieth friendsl,

And mkindly wordsm nthose that give greetingn.

Let those othat are at peace with theeo be many,

But thy confidantp one in a thousand.

If thou makest a friend qtest himq,

And be not in haste to trust him.

For there is a friend (who is so) according to occasion,

And continueth not in the day ofr affliction;

sAnd there is a friend that turneth to an enemyt,

uAnd he revealeth strife to thy reproachu.

10 And there is a friend who is a table-friend,

But he vis not to be foundv in the day of afflictionws.

11 xWhen thou art in prosperity he will be like theex,

G y And will lord it over thy servantsy.

HA 12 z aIf evil overtake theez he will turn against theea,

bAnd will hide himself from theec.

13 Separate thyself from thine enemies,

And be on thy guard against thy friends.

14 A faithful friend is a strong defenced,

And ehe that findeth hime findeth a treasure.

15 A faithful friend is beyond price,

And his worth cannot be weighed.

16 A faithful friend is a ‘bundle of life’,

He that feareth God fobtaineth himf.

G 17 gHe that feareth the Lord directeth his friendship arightg,

HA For as he is, so is his friendh.

(a) 6:18–22. Wisdom is a joy to those who seek her, but harsh to the foolish

(= 3 + 3 distichs).

G 18 iMy son, receivek instruction from thy youth upi,

lAnd even unto hoar hairsl mshalt thou find wisdomm.

HAHC 19 Draw nigh unto her as one that plougheth and sowethn,

And wait for the abundance of her fruits.

HAHC For in cultivating her thou [needest to] toilo but for a little,

For to-morrow shalt thou eat her fruits.

HA 20 Howp harsh is sheq to the foolr,

And he that is lacking in understanding cannot abide in her.

HAHC 21 Upon him sshe is like a burdensome stones,

And he is not slow to cast her off.

HA 22 tFor Wisdomu is according to her namet,

And to most men she is not manifest.

(b) 6:23–31. They who seek Wisdom shall receive a crown of joy

(= 3 + 3 + 3 distichs).

G 23 wHearken, my son, and receive my judgement,

And refuse not my counsel;

24 And bring thy feet into her fetters,

And thy neck into her chainw.

HA 25 Bow down thy shoulder, and bear her,

And chafe not xunder her bondsx.

G 26 yDraw nigh unto her with all thy heartz,

And keep her ways with thy whole powery.

HA 27 Inquire and search, seek and finda,

And take hold of her, and let her not go;

HAHC 28 For at length thou wilt find her restb,

cAnd she shall be turned for thee into gladnessc.

HA 29 And her fettersd shall becomee a stay of strength for theee,

fAnd ffher bondsff for grobes of gloryg.

30 An ornament of gold is her yoke,

And her fetters a cord of bluef.

31 Thou shalt array thee with her (as with) robes of glory,

And crown thee with her (as with) a crown of beauty.

(c) 6:32–37. A reward awaits those who diligently seek Wisdom

(= 2 + 3 + 2 distichs).

32 My son, if thou desirest it thou shalt be made wise,

And if thou set thy heart (thereon), thou shalt learn prudence.

33 If thou desire to hear, hthou shalt receiveh,

iAnd ifi thou inclinek thine ear, thou shalt be wise.

G 34 lStand thou in the assemblym of the elders,

And whoso is wise, cleave unto himl.

HAHC 35 Desire to hear every discoursemm,

And let not a wise proverbn escape thee.

HA 36 oLook for him whop is wiseo, and seek him out earnestly,

And let thy foot wear out qhis thresholdq.

37 Meditate in the fear of the Most Highr,

s And think upon His commandmentss continually;

Then will He instruct tthine heartt,

And He uwill make thee wiseu (in that) which thou desirest.

(d) 7:1–3. An Exhortation to keep from Sin

(= 2 distichs).

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