Sirach 5

HA 5 Trust not in thy wealthb,

And say not, ‘I have powerc.’

HA bTrust not in thy wealth,

cTo walk after the desire of thy soulc b.

[Go not after (the desire) of thine heart and of thine eyes,

To walk in the desires of thy sould.]

Say not, ‘Who shall have power over me?’e

For Jahveh is an avenger fof the persecutedf.

(d) 5:4–8. The Wickedness of tempting God

(= 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 distichs).

HAHC Say not, ‘I have sinned, gbut what ihappened unto me?’g

For Jahveh is longsufferingh.

Count not upon forgiveness,

That thou shouldst add sin to sin.

kAnd say not, l‘His mercies are greatl,

mHe will forgive the multitude of mine iniquities’mk;

For mercy and wrath are with Him,

And His indignation abideth upon the ungodly.

Delay not to turn unto Him,

And put (it) not off from day to day;

For suddenly doth His wrath come forthn,

And in the timeo of vengeance thou shalt perish.

HA Trust not in unrighteous gains,

For they shall profit (thee) nothing in the day of wrath.

(e) 5:9–6:1. On the Need of Straightforwardness in Speech

(= 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 distichs).

HAHC Winnow not with every wind,

pAnd walk not in every pathpq.

HAHC 10 Be steadfast concerning rthat which thou knowestr,

And let thy speechs be one.

11 Be swiftt to hearuv,

wBut with patience make replyw.

12 If it lie in thy power answer thy neighbour;

And if not,—x thy hand upon thy mouth!y

13 Glory and dishonour come through speakingz,

And the tongue of a man ais his falla.

HA 14 Be not called ‘Double-tongued’,

And slander not with thy tongue;

For shame hath been created for the thief,

bAnd sore reproach forb the double-tonguedc.

15 Deal not corruptly either in a small or a great matter;

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