Sirach 47

47 aAnd moreover after hima stood up Nathan,

To serveb cin the presence ofc David.

dFor asd the fat is separatede ffrom the offeringf,

So was David (separated)ff fromg Israel.

He playedh with lions as with kidsi,

And with bears as jwith calves of Bashanj.

HB In his youthk he slew the giantk,

lAnd took awayll the reproach from them peoplel,

nWhen he swung his hand witho the slingn,

And brokep the prideq of Goliath.

For rhe called unto Gods Most Highr,

And He gave strength toss his rightt hand,

So that he struck downu vthe hero versed in warv,

wAndww exaltedw the horn of his peoplex.

y zTherefore the daughters sang of him,

And honoured him with: ‘[Slayer] of ten thousand’z.

When he had put on the diademzz he fought,

And subdued the enemies on all sides,

aAnd plundereda the Philistine citiesb y,

And broke their horn unto this dayc.

HB d eIn all that he dide fhe gave thanksf

gUnto God Most Highg hwith words of gloryh d.

iWith his whole heart he lovedj his Makeri,

kAnd sang praise every day continuallyk.

lMusic of stringed instruments he ordainedm before the altar,

And set nthe singingo of psalms to harpsn l.

G 10 pHe gave comeliness to the feasts,

And set in order the seasons throughout the year

HB pp qFor that he gave praiseq Holy Name;

rBefore morningr the sanctuarys resoundedt (therewith)pp.

11 Jahveh alsou put away his sinv,

And lifted up his horn for ever.

HB Also He gave to him wthe decree of the kingdomw,

xAnd established his thronex over Israely.

(k) 47:12–22. Solomon

(= 3 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 3 distichs).

12 zAnd afor his sakea there stood up after himz

bA wise son who dwelt in safetyb.

13 Solomon reigned in days of peacec,

dAnddd God gave hime rest round aboutd,

fWho preparedf a house for ffHis nameg,

hAnd set uphh a sanctuary for everh.

14 How wise wast thou in thy youthi,

jAnd didst overflow like the Nile with instructionk j!

15 l mThou didst cover the earth with thy soull,

nAnd didst gather parables like the sean m.

G 16 o pThy name reached unto the isles afar offp,

S qAnd they listenedr for the report of theeq o.

HB 17 sBy thy songs, parables, dark speechess,

tAnd satiresu thou didst cause astonishment to the peoplest.

18 vThou wast called by the glorious name

Which is called over Israelv.

Thou didst heap up gold like tinw,

And xabundance ofx silver like leady.

19 zBut thou gavestz thy loinsa unto women,

bAnd didst give them to rule over thy bodyb.

20 Yeac, thou broughtest a blemish upon thine honour,

And didst defile dthy bedd,

So as to bring wrath upon thy progenye,

fAnd sighing concerning thy bedf;

21 gSo the people becamegg two sceptresh g,

And out of Ephraim i(arose) a sinfulj kingdomi.

22 Neverthelessk Godl did not forsake Hism mercy,

nNor did He suffer any of His words to fall to the groundn.

oHe will not cut off pthe posterity of His chosenp o,

Nor will He destroy qthe offspringr of them that love Himq;

HB sAnd He will give to Jacob a remnants,

tAnd to the house of David ua root from himu t.

(l) 47:23–24. The wickedness of the people tinder the kings who succeeded Solomon

(= 2 + 3 distichs).

23 And Solomon sleptv win Jerusalemw,

And left after him xone that was overbearingx.

yGreat in follyy and lacking in understanding

z(Was) he whoz by his counsel made the people revolt.

aAnd (then) he arose—of him let there be no memoriala

bWho sinned and made Israel to sinb,

cAnd put da stumbling-block (in the way)d of Ephraime c,

24 fTo drive them from their land;

gAnd their sin became very greatg f,

hAnd they sold themselves to (do) all manner of evilh.

(m) 48:1–11. Elijah

(= 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 distichs).

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