Sirach 46

46 aA mighty man of valoura was Joshua bthe son of Nunb,

c dA minister of Moses in the prophetical officed,

eWho was formed to bee according tof his nameg

hA great salvation for his chosenh c,

iTo take vengeance upon jthe enemyj i

kAnd to give an inheritancek to Israell.

mHow glorious was he when he stretched forth nhis hand n m,

oAnd brandished the javelin against the cityo!

pWho was he that could stand before him?p

qFor he fought the wars of Jahvehq.

HB Was it not through him that the sun stood stillr,

(And) one day sbecame as two?s

tFor he called upon the Most High Godu t,

vWhen he was in sore straits (and) his enemies around himv;

And wthe Most High Godw answered himx

yWith hailstones and boltsz y;

[HB] aHe cast them down upon the hostile peoplea,

And bin the going downb he destroyed cthem that rose upc,

HB In order that alld the nations e(devoted to) destructione might know

fThat Jahveh was watching their fightingf:

gAnd also becauseg he fully followed after Godh,

And idid an act of pietyi in the days of Moses,

He and Caleb, the son of Jephunneh,

kIn that they stoo firm when the congregation broke loosek.

lTo turn away wrath from the assemblyl,

mAnd to cause the evil report to ceasem

nWherefore also they twon were set aparto

From among the six hundred thousand footmenp,

To bring them into theirq inheritance,

(Into) a land flowing with milk and honeyr.

HB And Hes gave strength unto Caleb,

And unto old age it remained with him,

tTo cause him to treadt uupon the high placesu of the land;

And also his seed obtainedv a heritage,

10 In order that wall xthe seed of Jacobw might know

yThat it is good zto follow fullyz after Jahveh.y

(h) 46:11, 12. The Judges

(= 3 distichs).

11 Also the Judges, each with his name,

aAll whose hearts were not beguileda,

Nor turned back bfrom (following) after Godb.

May their memory be cfor a blessingc.

G 12 dMay their bones flourish again out of their placed,

HB eAnd may their name sprout afresh for their childrene.

(i) 46:13–20. Samuel

(= 2 + 3 + 4 + 4 distichs [+ 1 later add.]).

13 fHonoured by his people and loved by his Makerf

gWas h‘he that was asked for’h from his mother’s womb;

Sanctified iof Jahvehi in the prophetical office,—

Samuel, who acted as judge and priest.

By the word of God khe established the kingdomk,

And anointed princesl overm the peopleg.

HB 14 nBy means of the commandmentn ohe commanded the congregationo,

pAnd he mustered the tents of Jacobp.

15 q rBecause of his truthfulness they sought the prophetr,

sAnd the seert was also found reliable in his wordss q.

16 u vAnd, moreover, he called upon Godv

wWhen his enemies surrounded him on every sideu w,

In that he offered up a sucking lamb,

x[And cried unto the Lord]x.

17 yAnd Jahveh thundered from heaveny,

zWith a mighty crash His voice was heardz,

18 aAnd He subdued the garrisons of the enemya,

band destroyedb all the princesc of the Philistines.

19 dAnd at the time when he rested upon his bedd,

He called eJahveh and His anointed to witnesse:

f‘From whom have I taken a bribe, geven a pair of shoes?’g f

And no man accused him.

h[And also to the time of his end he was found upright

In the eyes of Jahveh and in the eyes of all livingh.]

20 iMoreover after he died he was enquired ofi,

He declared unto the king his wayk;

HB And he lifted his voice from the earth,

lTo blot out iniquity by prophecyl.

(j) 47:1–11. David

(= 2 + 3 + 3 + 2 +3 + 2 + 2 distichs).

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