Sirach 45

45 cBeloved of God and menc

Was Moses dof happy memoryd.

HB eAnd He made him glorious as Gode,

And mighty fin awe-inspiring deedsf.

gBy his wordsg hhe broughti signsi swiftly to passh,

jAnd He emboldened himj in the presence kof the kingk.

And He gave him a charge lunto his peoplel,

And showed him mHis glorym.

For his faithfulness and meeknessn

He chose him out of all oflesho.

pAndp qHe caused him to hear His voiceq,

And let him draw nigh rinto the dark cloudr.

sAnd He placeds tin his handt uthe commandmentu,

Even the Law of life vand discernmentv;

That he might teach wHis statutesw xunto Jacobx,

yAnd His testimonies and judgementsy zunto Israelz.

(e) 45:6–22. Aaron (3 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 distichs).

And He exalted a holy one alike unto hima,

Even Aaron of the tribe of Levi.

bAnd He made him an eternal ordinanceb,

And bestowed cupon him His majestyc:

HB dAnd He blessed himd ewith His glorye,

And girded him fwith beauteous magnificencef g:

And He clothed him hwith the perfection of adornmenth,

iAnd adorned himi jwith splendid vestmentsj k

lThe breechesl, mthe tunic and robem n

And encompassed him owith pomegranates,

And with resounding bellso round about,

pThat he might make musicp with his steps,

So as to cause, the sound of him to be audible qin the inmost shrineq,

For a memorial for the children of his people:

10 r(With) the holy garments of gold and violet

And purpler, the work of the designer;

(With) the breastplate of judgement, s(with) the ephod and waistcloths,

11 tAnd (with) scarlett, the work of the weaver;

(With) precious stones useal-engravenu

vIn settingsv, wthe work of the stone-engraverw x;

HB For a memorial in graven writing,

According to the number of the tribes of Israel.

12 (With) the crown of pure gold y(resting) upon the mitrey,

zThe diadem engraven, ‘Holy to Jahveh’ z

aMajesty most glorious, praise most puissanta,

bThe desire of the eyes, and the perfection of beautyb!

13 cBefore him there was nothing like themc,

dAnd no stranger shall He clothe therewith for everd:

eSo He trusted him and his sonse,

fAnd his sons’ sonsf gthroughout their generationsg.

14 His (Aaron’s) meal-offering is wholly consumed

hTwice every day as a continual sacrificeh.

15 iMoses consecrated himi,

And anointed him with the holy oil;

And it became for him jan eternal covenantj,

kAnd for his seedk, las long as the heavens endurel;

mTo minister (to God) and for Him to execute the priest’s officem,

And to bless His people nin His namen.

16 He chose him out of all living,

To bring near othe burnt-offering and fat pieceso,

HB pAnd to burn a sweet savour and a memorialp,

And make atonement qfor the children of Israelq.

17 rAnd He gave him His commandmentsr,

sAnd invested him with authority over statute and judgements,

tThat he might teach His people statutes,

And judgements unto the children of Israelt.

18 uBut strangers were incensed against himu,

And became jealous of him in the wilderness;

The men of Dathan and Abiram,

And the congregation of Korah vin their violent angerv.

19 And Jahveh saw it wand was angeredw,

x yAnd consumed themy in His fierce wrathx:

zAnd He brought a sign to passz upon them

x aAnd devoured thema bwith His fiery flameb x.

20 cAnd He increasedc Aaron’s glory,

And gave him dhis inheritanced:

g(20c)eThe holy contributionse fHe gave himf for sustenance,

g(21a)hAndh the fire-offerings of Jahveh they might eat:

g(20d)iThe presence-breadi is his portion,

g(21b)jAnd the gift-sacrificej for him and for his seed.

HB 22 Only kin the land of the peoplek might he have no heritage,

lAnd in their midst divide no inheritancel;

mWhose portion and inheritance is Jahvehm

nIn the midst of the children of Israeln.

(f) 45:23–26. Phinehas (3 + 4 + 3 distichs).

23 Moreover Phinehas the son of Eleazar

oWas glorious in might as a thirdo,

In that he was jealous pfor the God of allp,

And stood qin the breach for his peopleq;

rWhile his heart prompted himr,

sAnd he made atonements tfor the children of Israelt.

24 Therefore for him, too, uHe established an ordinanceu,

vA covenant of peace to maintain the sanctuaryv:

That to him and to his seed should appẹrtain

The High-Priesthood for ever.

25 wAlso His covenant wasw with David,

xThe son of Jessex, of the tribe of Judah;

yThe inheritance of the king is his son’s aloney,

While the inheritance of Aaron (belongs) zto himz and to his seed.

HB aAnd now bless ye Jahvehb,

Who has crowned you with honoura;

26 cMay He grantc you wisdom of heart,

dTo judge His people in righteousnessd;

That eyour prosperitye fmay never ceasef,

gNor your powerg hfor perpetual generationsh.

(g) 46:1–10. Joshua, the son of Nun, and Caleb, the son of Jephunneh

(= 3 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 3 distichs).

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