Sirach 43

43 HB bThe beauty of the (heavenly) height is the pure firmamentb,

cAnd the firm heavenc dpoureth out lightd.

HB eThe sun when he goeth forth maketh heat to shinee

fHow awe-inspiring is the work of Jahvehf!

gAt noontideg he bringeth the world to boiling heat,

And before hhis scorching (ray)h who can maintain himself?

i(Like) a glowing furnace which keepeth the casting hot,

(So) the sun’s dart setteth the mountains ablazei:

jA tongue of flame consumeth the inhabited (world)j,

kAnd with its fire the eye is scorchedk.

lForl great is Jahveh that made him,

mAnd His word maketh His mighty (servant) brilliantm.

nMoreover, the moon He made for its due seasonn,

oTo rule over periodso and for an everlasting sign:

HB pBy her (are determined) the feasts and times prescribedp,

qA light-giver waning with her courseq:

rMonth by month she reneweth herselfr

How wonderful is she in her changing!

sThe army-signal of the cloud-vessels on highs,

tShe paveth the firmament with her shiningt.

uThe beauty of heaven, and the glory, are the starsu,

vAnd a gleaming ornamentv win the heightsw of God.

10 xAt the word of the Holy Onex ythey take their prescribed placey,

zAnd they sleep notz at their watches.

11 Behold the rainbow and bless its Maker,

aFora bit is majestic exceedingly in majestyb:

12 cIt encompasseth the (heavenly) vault with its gloryc,

And the hand of God hath spread it out din prided.

13 eHis mighte fmarketh out the lightningf,

gAnd maketh brilliantg hthe flashes of His judgementh.

HB 14 iOn that accounti jHe hath created a treasure-housej,

kAnd He maketh the clouds fly like birdsk.

G 15 lBy His mighty power He maketh strong the clouds,

And the hailstones are brokenl.

HB 17 a mHis thunder’s voice maketh His earth to be in anguishm,

16a nAnd by His strengthn oHe shaketh mountainso.

16b pThe terror of Him stirreth up the south windp,

17b qThe whirlwind of the northq, rhurricane, and tempestr;

sLike flocks of birdss He sheddeth abroad tHis snowt,

uAnd like settling locustsu vis the fall thereofv.

HB 18 wThe beauty of the whitenessw x[dazzleth] the eyesx,

And the heart y[marvelleth]y at the raining thereof.

19 The hoar-frost also zHe poureth outz like salt,

a[And maketh the crystals sparkle] like sapphirea.

20 bThe icy blast of the north wind He causeth to blowb,

cAnd hardeneth the pond like a bottlec.

Over every basin of water dHe spreadeth a crustd,

And the pond putteth on as it were a breastplate.

21 eIt burneth up the produce of the mountains as a droughte,

fAnd the sprouting pasturef as a flame.

22 gA healing for all such is the distillation of the cloudsg.

hEven the dew, alighting to bring refreshment after heath.

23 iBy His counseli jHe hath stilled the deepj,

kAnd hath plantedk lthe islandsl in the ocean.

HB 24 They that go down to the sea tell of mits extentm,

nAndn when our ears hear it we are astonished.

25 Therein are marvels, the most wondrous of His works,

oAll kinds of living thingso, pand the monsters of Rahabp.

26 By reason of Him q[business] prosperethq,

And at His word rwhat He wills is doner.

(c) 43:27–33. Conclusion

(= 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 distichs).

27 sMore like this we will not adds,

And tthe conclusion of the mattert is: He is all.

28 uWe will sing praises, because we cannot fathomu;

vFor greater is Hev than all His works.

29 Terrible is Jahveh wexceedinglyw,

xAnd wonderful are His mighty actsx.

30 yYe that magnify Jahveh, zlift up your voicez,

As much as ye cana, bfor there is still moreb!

cYe that exalt Himc, drenew your strengthd,

And weary not, efor ye cannot fathom (Him)e!

G 31 Who hath seen Him, that he may tell thereof?

And who shall magnify Him as he is?

HB 32 fThe number of things mysterious is greater (even) than thesef,

gAnd I have seen (but) fewg of His works.

33 hEverythingh hath Jahveh made,

iAnd to the pious hath He given wisdomi.

jPraise of the fathers of oldj.

(a) 44:1–15. General introduction

(= 2 + 7 + 3 + 3 + 3 distichs).

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