Sirach 35

35 1(1) aHe that keepeth the law multiplieth offeringsa;

(2) bHe sacrificeth a peace-offering that heedeth the commandmentsb.

2(3) cHe that practiseth kindness offereth fine flourc,

(4) And he that doeth mercy dsacrificeth a thank-offeringd.

3(5) A thing well-pleasing to the Lord it is eto avoid wickednesse,

f And ga propitiationg to avoid what is wrongf.

4(6) Appear not with empty hands hin the presence of the Lordh,

5(7)  iFor all this (shall be done) because it is commandedi.

6(8) The offering of the righteous jmaketh the altar fatj,

kAnd its sweet savour (cometh) before the Most Highk.

7(9) lThe meal-offeringl of a righteous man is acceptable,

mAnd its memorial shall not be forgottenm.

G 8(10) With a good eye nglorify the Lordn,

And ostint not the heave-offering of thy handso.

HB 9(11) pIn all thy deedsp let thy countenance shine,

qAnd with gladness dedicate thy titheq.

10(12) Give rto Godr as He hath given sto thees,

ssWith goodness of eyess, and tas thine hand hath attainedt.

11(13) For He is ua God of requitalu,

And vsevenfoldv will He recompense thee.

(e) 35:12–20 (35:14–26). God hears the cry of the oppressed

(= 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 1 distichs).

12(14) wBribe notw, for He will not receivex;

(15) And put not thy trust yupon a sacrifice of extortiony,

For He is za God of justicez,

And with Him is no partiality.

13(16) aHe will not show partiality against the poor mana,

And the supplications of bthe distressedb He heareth.

14(17) He doth not ignore cthe cryc of the fatherless,

dNor the widow, when she poureth out (her) plaintd.

15(18) eDo not the tearsf run down the cheek,

(19) gAnd sigh against [him who causeth them to fall]g?

HB 16(20) hA bitterness acceptedh is (such)i [sighing]i,

jAnd (such) a cryj k[bendeth] the cloudsk.

17(21) The appeal of the lowly ltraverseth the skiesl,

mAnd resteth not till it reach (its goal).

It shall not remove till God doth visitm,

(22a) nAnd (till) the righteous Judge executeth judgement

18(22b) Yea, the Lord owill not tarryo,

pAnd the mighty One will not refrain Himselfp,

Till He smite qthe loins of the merciless,

(23) And requite vengeance r[to the arrogant]r;

Till He sdispossesss tthe sceptre of pridet,

And uthe staff of wickednessu utterly cut down;

19(24) Till He render to man vhis duev,

wAnd recompense peoplew according to their devising;

(25)Till He plead the cause of His people,

And rejoice them xwith His salvationx.

HB 20(26) y[Beauteous is His favour in a time] of stressy.

zAs a rain-cloudz in the season of zzdroughtzz.

(f) 36:1–17 (33:1–13 a, 36:16b–22). A prayer to God for Israel

(= 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 distichs).

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