Sirach 32

32 pIf thou hast been appointed (banquet-)master, do not exalt thyselfp;

Be qto themq as one of themselves;

Take thought for them, rand afterwardsr be seated.

Supply stheir needss, and tafterwardst recline;

That thou mayst rejoice uon their accountu,

And vreceive considerationv wfor politenessw.

xSpeak, O elder, yfor it is thy privilegey:

zBut be discreet in understandingz, and ahinder nota songx.

HB bIn a place of music pour not forth talkb,

cAnd at an unseasonable timec ddisplay not thy wisdomd

e fAs a signet-stone of carnelianf gon a necklace (?) of goldg

hIs a concert of songh at a banquet of winee.

i jSettings of fine gold and a seal of carbunclej

Is the sound of music kwith the pleasance of winek i.

lSpeak, O young man, mif thou art compelledm

nIt thou art asked twice or thricen l.

o pSum up thy speechp, qsay much in littleq,

rAnd be liker one that knoweth and can keep silenceo.

Among selderss tassert not thyselft,

uAnd ply not seminent personss overmuchu.

10 vIn front of whailw speedeth the lightning,

And in front of xthe shamefastx speedeth favourv.

HB 11 y zAt the time of departurez be not last,

Depart home aand linger nota;

12 bAnd (there) whatsoever cometh up in thy mind, speakb,

cIn the fear of God and not in foolishnessc y.

13 dAnd for all these thingsd bless thy Maker,

Who satisfieth thee with His bounty.

32:(35:)14–17. (a) The god-fearing and the sinful man: a contrast

(= 2 + 2 distichs).

14 e fHe that seekethi God will receive discipline,

And he that resorteth to Him diligently shall obtain gfavourg e.

HB 15 hHe that seeketh out the Law ishall gain heri,

jBut the hypocritej shall be snared therebyh.

16 k lThey that fear Jahveh discern His judgementl,

mAnd elicit guidance from the darknessmk.

17 nThe man of violencen owresteth reproofso,

pẠnd forceth the Law to suit his necessityp.

(b) 32:(35:)18–24. Forethought before action

(= 2 + 2 + 2 distichs).

18 q rA wise manr swill not conceal understandings,

tAnd a scornert uwill not receive instructionuq.

19 vWithout counsel carry out nothing;

wAnd after the deedw, xrue it notx.

HB 20 yIn a way set with snaresy walk not,

And stumble not zat an obstacle twicez.

21 a bBe not carelessb cin a way …c

22  dAnd in thy paths be waryd a.

23 e fIn all thy works guard thyselff,

gFor he that so doeth keepeth the commandmentg e.

24 hHe that observeth the Law guardeth himselfh,

And he that trusteth in Jahveh ishall not be brought to shamei.

(c) 33:(36:)1–3. Loyalty to God’s Law brings its own reward

(= 3 distichs).

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