Sirach 3

3 aHearken, ye children, to the judgement of your fathera,

G And do thereafter, bthat ye may be savedb.

G For the Lord hath given the father glory as touching the children,

And hath established the judgement of the mother as touching the sonsc.

dHe that honoureth his father emaketh atonement for sinsed,

And as one that layeth up treasure is he that honoureth his mother.

He that honoureth his father shall have joy of his childrenf,

And what time he prayeth he shall be heard.

He that giveth glory to his father shall have length of days,

S g And he that hgiveth rest toh his motheri shall receive reward from Godg.

70 248 253 kHe that feareth the Lord honoureth his fatherk,

lAnd serveth his parents as mastersl.

HA My sonll, in word and in deed honour thy fatherm,

That nevery blessingn may overtake thee.

The blessing of a father establisheth o(his) seedo,

But the curse of a mother rooteth up the ooyoung plantoo.

10 Glorify not thyself in the dishonour of thy father,

For that is no glory to theep.

11 A man’s glory is the glory of his father,

ppAnd he that dishonourethq his mother rmultiplieth sinrpp.

G 12 My sons, thelp thy father in his old aget,

HA And ttgrieve himtt not uall the days of hisuu lifeu;

HA 13 And even if his understanding fail, be considerate with him,

And dishonour him not vall the days of his lifev.

14 Benevolence to a father shall not be blotted out,

And as a substitute for sins it shall be firmly plantedw.

15 In the day of affliction it shall be remembered ‘to thy credit’,

It shall obliterate thine iniquities as heat (disperseth) hoar-frost.

16 xAs one that acteth presumptuouslyx is he that despiseth his father,

And as one that provoketh his Creator is he that cursethy his mother.

(i) 3:17–25. On the Need of Humility in all things

(= 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 distichs).

17 My son, when thou art in prosperity walk humbly,

And thou wilt be loved more than him that giveth gifts.

18 Humble thyself zin all greatnessz,

And thou wilt find mercy in the sight of Goda.

20 For many are the mercies of God,

And to the humble He revealeth His secret.

HA 21 bSeek not (to understand) what is too wonderfulc for thee,

And search not out that which is hid from thee.

22 Meditate upon that which thou must grasp,

And be not occupied with that which is hidb.

23 Have naught to do with that which is beyond thee,

For more hath been shown to thee than thou canst understand.

24 For many are the conceits of the sons of men,

And evil imaginations lead astray.

25 dWhere (there is) no apple of the eye, light is lacking,

And where (there is) no knowledge wisdom is wantingd.

(j) 3:26–28. Retribution on the Sinner

(= 3 distichs).

26 eA stubborn heart shall fare ill at its latter end,

But he that loveth good things shall be led by themef.

27 (As for) the stubborn heart, its griefs shall be increased,

And the profaneg man heapeth iniquity upon iniquity.

HA 28 (As for) hthe wound of the scorner, there is no healing for iti,

For an evil growthk is his planth l.

(k) 3:29–31. Reward for the Righteous

(= 1 + 2 distichs).

29 A wise heart understandeth the proverbs of the wise,

And the ear that listeneth to wisdom rejoicethm.

30 A flaming fire doth water quench,

So doth almsgiving atone for sin.

31 He that doeth good, it shall meet him on his ways,

And when he tottereth he shall find a stay.

(l) 4:1–10. On right behaviour towards the Poor and the Oppressed

(= 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 distichs).

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