Sirach 24

24 Wisdom praiseth herselfb,

And is honoured among cher people

She openeth her mouth in the assembly dof the Most Highd,

And is honoured in the presence of His hostse.

‘I came forth from the mouth of the Most High,

And as a mist I covered the earth.

G In the high places did I fix my abode,

And my throne was eein the pillar of cloudee.

fAlone I compassed the circuit of heavenf,

And gin the depth of the abyssg I walked.

Over the waves of the sea, and over all the earthh,

And over every people and nation I held swayi.

With all these I sought a resting-place,

And (said): In whose inheritance shall I lodge?

Then the Creator of all things gave me commandment,

And He that created me fixed my dwelling-place (for me);

And He said: Let thy dwelling-place be in Jacob,

And in Israelk ltake up thine inheritancel.

He created me from the beginning, before the world;

S mThe memorial of me shall never ceasem.

G 10 In the holy tabernacle I ministered before Him,

Moreovermm in Zion was I established.

G 11 In the Holyn City likewiseo pHe caused me to restp,

And in Jerusalem was my authority.

12 And I took rootq among an honouredr people,

In the portion of the Lord (and) of His inheritances.

13 I was exalted like a cedar in Libanus,

And like an olive-treet on the mountains of Zionu.

14 I was exalted like a palm-tree on the sea-shorev,

And as rose-plants in Jericho;

And as a fairw olive-tree in the plainx;

Yea, I was exalted as a plane-tree yby the watersy.

15 As cinnamon and aspalathus zhave I given a scent ofz perfumes,

And as choice myrrh I spread abroad a pleasant odour;

Asa galbanum, and onyx, and stacte;

b(I was) as the smoke of incense in the Tabernacleb.

16 I as a terebinthbb cstretched forth my branchesc,

And my branches were branches of gloryd and grace.

G 17 I as a vine put forth gracee,

And my flowers are the fruit of glory and wealthf.

19 Come unto me, yeg that desire me,

And be ye filled with my produceh;

20 For my memoriali is sweeter than honey,

And the possession of me than the honey-comb.

21 They that eat shall still hunger kfor mek,

And they that drink me shall still thirst kfor mek;

22 He that obeyeth me will lnot be ashamedl,

And mthey that serve me will not commit sinm.’

23 All these things are the book of the covenant of God Most High,

The Law which Moses commanded (as) an heritage for the assemblies of Jacobn,

25 Which filleth (men) with wisdom, like Pison,

And like Tigris in the days of onew (fruits)o;

26 Which overfloweth like Euphrates, with understanding,

And as Jordan in the days of harvestp;

S 27 q qqWhich poureth forthqq, as the Nile, instructionq,

G Andr as Gihon in the days of vintage.

28 The first man knew her not perfectly,

So also the last will not trace her out;

29 sFor her understanding is more full than the sea,

And her counsel is greater than the deeps.

30 And as for me, I (was) as a tstream from thet river,

And I came forth as a conduit into a garden;

31 I said: ‘I will water my garden,

I will abundantly water my garden beds’;

G And lo, my stream became a river,

And my river ubecame au sea.

32 Yet again will I bring instruction to light as the morning,

And will make these things shine forth afar off.

33 Yet again will I pour forth doctrine as prophecy,

And leave it for eternal generations.

34 vLook ye (and see), that I have not laboured for myself only,

But for all those that diligently seek herw v.

(b) 25:1–2. Three things which are beautiful, and three which are hateful

(= 2 + 2 distichs).

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