Sirach 2

2 aMy son, when thou comest bto serveb the Lord,

Preparec thy soul for temptation.

e dSet thy heart arightd and endure firmly,

And fbe not fearfulf in time of calamitye.

Cleave unto Himg, and hlet Himi not goh,

S kThat thou mayst be wise in thy waysk.

G Acceptl whatsoever is brought upon thee,

S mAnd be patient in disease and povertym.

G For gold is proved in the fire,

And men acceptable [to God] in nthe furnace ofn afflictiono.

Put thy trust in Godp, and He will help thee,

qAnd hope in Him, and He will make straight thy waysq.

(e) 2:7–11. The Blessedness of those who fear the Lord

(= 3 + 3 distichs).

qqYe that fear the Lord, wait for His mercy;

And turn not aside, lest ye fall.

Ye that fear the Lord, put your trust in Him,

S rHe will not withhold your rewardr.

G Ye that fear the Lord, hope for sHis benefitss,

And for eternal gladness and mercyt.

10 Look at the generations of old and see,

Who ever trusted in the Lord, and was put to shame?

Or who did abide in His fear, and was forsaken?

Or who did call upon Him, and uHe did not hear himu?

11 For compassionate and merciful is the Lordw,

xAnd He forgiveth sins, and sayeth in time of afflictionx.

(f) 2:12–14. A threefold woe against the faithless

(= 3 distichs)

12 Woe unto fearfuly hearts and unto zfaint handsz,

And unto the sinner that goeth two ways.

G 13 aWoe unto the faint heart, for it believeth nota,

Therefore shall it not be sheltered.

14 Woe unto you that have lost your enduranceb,

And what will ye do when the Lord visiteth you?

(g) 2:15–18. The Characteristics of those who fear the Lord

(= 3 + 2 distichs).

15 cThey that fear the Lord dwill not ebe disobedient toe His wordsd,

And they that love Him will keep His waysfc.

16 They that fear the Lord will seek His good pleasure,

And they that love Him gwill be filled withg (His)h Law.

17 They that fear the Lord will make ready their hearts,

iAnd will humblek their souls before Himi:

18 l[‘Let us fall into the hands of the Lordm,

And not into the hands of men;’]l

For as is His majesty, so also is His mercy,

S nAnd as is His name, so also are His worksn.

(h) 3:1–16. On Filial Duty and its Reward

(= 7 × 2 + 1 distichs).

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