Sirach 19

HC 19 He that doeth this will not become rich,

And ddhe that despiseth small thingsdd ewill become wholly poore.

Wine and women make the heart lustful,

G fAnd he that cleaveth to harlots gwill perishg f.

hMoulderi and worms kwill take possession of himk h,

HC lAnd a brazen soul will destroy its ownerl.

(b) 19:4–12. A warning against too much talking

(= 2 + 3 + 3 distichs).

G mHe that is hasty in reposing confidence nis unwisen,

oAnd he that erreth sinneth against his own soulo.

He that hath pleasure in wickednessp qshall be brought to destructionq,

rAnd he that hateths gossip is without malicet.

Never repeat a wordu,—

vThen no one will reproach theev

vvSpeak not of it tovv friend or foe—

Unless it be a sin to thee wreveal it notw

S xLest he who hear thee hate thee,

And regard thee as an evil-doerx.

G 10 Hast thou heard somethingy? let it die with theez;

aBe of good courage, it will not burst theea.

11 A fool travaileth in pain bbecause ofb a word,

As a woman in labour bbecause ofb a child.

G 12 Likec an arrow that sticketh in the fleshy thigh,

So is a word in the dinward partsd of a fool.

(c) 19:13–17. On taking a friend to task on any matter

(= 3 + 2 distichs).

13 Reprove a friende, fthat he do no evilf,

And if he have done anything, gthat he do it not againg.

14 Reprove a friendh ilest he speaki [evil],

And if he have said (it), that he do it not again.

15 Reprove a friendk, for often there is slanderl,

And mbelieve notm every word.

16 nMany a mann there is that slippetho, pthough unintentionallyp,

And who hath not sinnedq with his tongue!

17 rReprove thys friendr tbefore thou threaten himt,

uAnd give place to the lawv of the Most Highu w.

(d) 19:20–30. The Difference between Wisdom and Craftiness

(= 2 + 3 + 3 + 2 distichs).

20 xAll wisdom is ythe fear ofy the Lord,

zAnd all wisdom is the fulfilling of the Lawz.

22 aBut the knowledge of wickedness is not wisdoma,

bAnd the counsel of sinners is not understandingb.

23 There is a prudencebb, cand the same is abominationc,

And there is a fool dwho is withoutd sinse.

24 Better is one that hath small understanding, and feareth,

Than one that hath much prudence and transgresseth the Law.

G 25 There is fa subtle (form of) craftiness which is unrighteousf,

gAnd there is the man whog dealeth tortuously to gainh a judgementi.

26 There is one that walkethk lbent and mournfullym l,

But inwardly he is full of deceitn.

27 There isnn one with downcast look, opretending to be deafo,

But pwhen unobservedp, qhe will get the better of theeq;

28 And there is one whoqq, if for want of power he be hindered from sinning,

Will do harm when he findeth opportunity.

29 A man is known by his appearance,

And the wise man recognizethr him by his looks,

30 A man’s attire tproclaimeth his occupationt,

And his gaitv showeth what he is.

(e) 20:1–8. There is a time for silence and a time for speech

(= 3 + 2 + 2 distichs).

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